Not sure if this is the right section for this, but it does pertain to rules. I am suggesting that tournament organizers create standard table/s to use at their tournaments and issue the layouts a few weeks/months before theirs events. I got the idea from competitive paintball, which I play. The way it works is there is one lay out used at every tournament. the organizers issue a computer mapping of the layout so local fields around the country and set up the field prior to the events. Teams registered to play then practice on these fields weeks before the events to get a better feel for how they play. I think the same should be done in WHFB and 40k. You take lets say 6 pretty standard pieces of terrain. House, 10" and 6" round hills, forest , two impassable rock formations. The terrain is all standardized. Only GW terrain for argument purposes. You then look at the mapping to see where each piece of terrain goes. For example: house = 10" from long board edge and 5" from short board edge. LFGS and people with tables in their home set up the tables to match and begin play testing. They take armies they believe will function the best on that table. It would eliminate the problem of someone bringing a shooty army to a tourney and ending up on a table with horrible LoS causing a huge shift in competitive balance. I don't see any fault in this method either. Fluff wise , armies rarely end up fighting on a battle field they didn't know pretty well in advance. Scouts and maps enable them to know what to expect and how best to take advantage of what they have. Thoughts?