I am going to give you a skirmsih scenario, and I would like to know if you think it is fair (nor perfectly fair but fair enough). I would also like some oppinions.

Beast Hunt!


Beastmen have been harassing the Dark Elven borders for as long as anyone can remember! Its time to surge forward into the Petrified forests and end the raids!

The Forces

Dark Elves
Malak (3)
2 Repeater Crossbowmen (1)
5 Spearmen (1)
1 Spearman Lordling (2)

Belgard (3)
5 Gors (1)
3 Ungors (1)
1 Foe-Render (2)

Table Set Up

The Beast man player sets up 4 pieces of woodland/jungle terrain within 12’’ of his table edge. This represents the border of the forest. Try not to clump these together. The Dark Elf player may then deploy up to 3 small wall or hedge sections on the rest of the table (again, try to spread these out)
The Dark Elf player then sets up all of his force. The beast player will then deploy his warriors. However – up to half (5) models may be deployed ‘hiding’. These are not deployed yet and will come on later (see the special rules later on). They must also be deployed in the forest/jungle.
The Dark Elf Player may take first turn.

Victory Conditions

The Dark Elves will win if both Belgard and the Foe-render are slain (as there will be nobody strong enough to lead the tribe). However, if Malak and his Lordling are slain, the beasts will win as the Dark Elf attack will surely falter. If no side wins this then count to see who has killed the most (points are scored using the values shown above) If this is also a draw the game is a tie. The game lasts 8 turns.

Special Rules

Determined: Both sides are utterly determined and will fight to the last man. To represent this no side will take rout tests.

Surprise Attack! The beasts have been hiding in the forests and will spring to attack at will! The beast man player must write down exactly who is hiding where. Belgard may not be hidden as he is needed to blow the bray horn. Belgard can blow his horn at the beginning of any turn after the first. All hiding beast men must pass a leadership test. If they pass, they spring from there hiding place and may take there turn as normal (they can even charge – but only at half distance as they must be hidden I the forest&#33 If they fail they are assumed to falter and are revealed but cannot do anything. If Belgard is killed before he blows his horn the hiding models are assumed to be destroyed.


M 5
Ws 5
Bs 4
S 4
T 3
W 2
I 5
A 2
LD 8
Weapons and Armour: Malak wields the Gorgon Spear, wears heavy armour and has a shield.
Special Rules
Hatred: Malak hates Belgard
Gorgon Spear: The Gorgon Spear can turn its opponents to stone! To represent this, it counts as having killing blow.

M 5
Ws 4
Bs 3
S 4
T 4
W 2
I 4
A 2
LD 7
Weapons and Armour: Belgard wears light armour, and has the Bearskin Shield. He is also armed with 2 Hand Weapons.
Special Rules
Hatred: Belgard hates Malak
Bearskin Shield: Shield. 6+ Ward Save
Fighting Style: Belgard has a unique fighting style. Combined with incredible strength it allows him to wield a shield and a hand weapon in the same hand. This means that he gets an extra attack and an additional save (for a total of 4+).

Note: I am also planning on letting my friend and myself use these in our regular games, as enhanced unit champions at a certain cost. Do you think that is ok if we both agree?