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Thread: Halflings

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    Warhammer Armies : Halflings

    Halflings hate all large humanoids (Giants, Ogres, etc.) and Skaven
    Halflings count as Empire for the purposes of Dogs of War but cannot choose any large humanoids. Also, Lumpin Croop’s Fighting Cocks are a Special choice.
    All Halfling infantry units move with no penalties in woods
    Halfling bows have -1 armour save
    Halfling slings and thrown weapons may sacrifice their multiple shot for +1 to hit
    Halfling longbows that move and fire count as bows
    Halfling Bestiary

    M WS BS S T W I A Ld
    7 3 0 2 3 1 2 1 5

    Shetland Pony As pony, counts as barded including move penalty.

    Donkey As warhorse, ignores difficult terrain

    Warhawk As in Wood Elf preview list. Note, the normal one NOT the character mount!!!!!
    Great Eagle as Wood Elf preview character mount.


    Halfling Thain 70 points
    M WS BS S T W I A Ld
    4 4 6 4 3 3 7 4 10
    May ride pony for +10 points, shetland pony for +15 points, donkey for +17 points, warhawk for +45 points, Eagle for 80 points or may be in Battle Cart chosen as normal
    Equipment: hand weapon and bow. May have light armour (+3 pts) or heavy armour (+6 pts). May have a shield (+3 pts). May have spear (+3 pts), halberd (+6 pts), great weapon (+6 pts), or lance if mounted (+6 pts). May have up to 100 pts of magic items.

    Halfling Grand Wizard 180 points
    M WS BS S T W I A Ld
    4 2 4 2 3 3 5 1 9

    Equipment: Hand weapon and bow
    May take same mounts as Thain, except Great Eagle or chariot
    Magic: Level 3 Wizard, level 4 upgrade for +35 points. May use lores of Beasts, Life, Heavens, light or Fire
    May have up to 100 points of magic items


    Halfling Captain 40 points
    M WS BS S T W I A Ld
    4 3 5 3 3 2 6 3 9
    Equipment : hand weapon and bow. May have light armour (+2 pts) or heavy armour (+4 pts). May have a shield (+2 pts). May have extra hand weapon (+4 pts), great weapon (+4 pts), halberd (+4 pts), spear (+2 pts) or lance if mounted (+4 pts)
    May be mounted on pony (+6 pts), Shetland pony (+10 pts), Donkey(+15 pts) or Warhawk (+30 pts). Or may be in normally chosen chariot
    May have 50pts of magic items
    May be upgraded to a Battle Standard Bearer for +15 points

    Halfling Wizard 70points
    M WS BS S T W I A Ld
    4 2 4 2 2 2 5 1 8
    Hand weapon and bow. May take pony, shetland pony or donkey at same cost as Captain and may take 50pts of magic items.
    Magic :Level 1 wizard, level 2 upgrade +35 pts. same lores as Grand Wizard.

    Halfling Chef 90 points
    M WS BS S T W I A Ld
    4 3 4 2 3 2 5 1 8
    Two hand weapons (bread knife and frying pan) and counts as having light armour (it's the big hat and the apron). May take 50 points of magic items. You may have one Hot Pot for each chef in the army to which he may add chili (+15 points) for +1 strength to the normal (not big) hit and flaming attacks for the whole thing! If you have a chef Dogs of War are a special choice not a rare choice. Also, roll on this table before the battle to represent the weird herbs the Chef puts in the stew! All bonuses are doubled for the Chef as he frequently tastes his own cooking!
    Odd Halfling ingredients table
    1 Odd New Combo. Will it work? Roll on table below
    2 Courageroot +1 Leadership for all Halflings
    3 Speedweed +1 I and M for all Halflings
    4 Wakeup Pepper +1 WS and A for all Halflings
    5 Eyefruit +2 BS for all Halflings
    6 Musclemeat +1 S and T for all Halflings

    1-2 Aaaaaaaaaargh! The food is poison! All Halfling units take D6 –1
    casualties. All characters take D3-1 wounds. Not doubled for the Chef
    3 Uuuuuuugh! IT’S DISGUSTING! -1 WS, and BS as the Halflings are all hungry. This is not doubled for the Chef.
    4-5 The herbs cancel each other No effect
    6 Yes! It worked! Roll again on table above, doubling any bonus. Double it again for the chef.

    Core Units

    1+ Halfling Militia
    As in Warhammer Annual. Command group 6 points each, 10 points for Champion. May replace bows with slings.

    0-2 Hunters @ 8 points per model
    M WS BS S T W I A Ld
    4 2 4 2 2 1 5 1 8
    Unit Size: 6-20

    Weapons: hand weapon and bow.

    Options. May take a Huntmaster (Champion, +1 BS) for +10 points.
    Skirmishers. One unit may be upgraded to Foresters for +2 points per model. Foresters are Skirmishers and Scouts.

    Halfling Cavalry 12 points per model
    M WS BS S T W I A Ld
    Pony 7 3 0 2 3 1 2 1 5
    Halfling 4 2 4 2 2 1 5 1 8
    Unit Size 3-15

    Weapons: hand weapon, spear, light armour and shield. Ride ponies. May replace spears, armour and shields with bows for no cost. May replace ponies with Shetland ponies for +2 points each
    50 points magic banner in 0-1 unit
    May take Champion for +15 points (+1 A if armed with spears, +1BS if bows), Musician and Standard Bearer for + 10 points each. Fast Cavalry if armed with bows.

    Special Units
    Halfling Beehive 55 points each
    M WS BS S T W I A Ld
    Halfling 3 2 4 2 2 1 5 1 8
    Beehive - - - - 3 2 - - -
    Weapons: Hand Weapon and light armour
    Special Rules: Pushcart: The Beehive has a Unit Strength of 2 and a 6+ armour save. However the movement is reduced (inc. in profile) and it cannot move through difficult terrain.
    Bee Swarm: Any unit (friend or foe&#33 except other beehives within 6 inches takes 2D6 S3 hits, no armour saves, that count as poisoned attacks, each Halfling Shooting Phase as the bees rush out to attack.
    Any unit in combat with the hive takes 3D6 hits.
    Due to the ominous buzzing noise, Beehives cause Fear
    For shooting hits, roll a D6 on this table: 1-4 hits the beehive. 5- 6 hits the Halfling pushing it. If the Beehive is destroyed, the bees hit every unit within 8 inches then scatter (and have no further effect). The Halfling is treated as the crew member of a destroyed war machine and can rejoin a beehive whose keeper was killed. Even without the hive, bees will not attack him. If the Halfling is killed, the beehive cannot move but otherwise acts as normal.
    You can take up to 2 beehives as a single Special choice

    0-1 Thain’s Guard 10 points each
    M WS BS S T W I A Ld
    4 3 5 2 2 1 5 1 9
    Weapons and armour: bows in the first rank, poleaxes (halberds that fight in 2 ranks) in second and following. Casualties from rear ranks first. Heavy armour
    Champion (+1 A AND BS) +15 points, Other Command + 10 points
    Unit size: 10+
    Stubborn if General is alive and in the unit.
    Magic banner up to 50 points

    Halfling Battle Cart 70 points
    M WS BS S T W I A Ld
    Cart - - - 5 5 4 - - -
    Steed 6 2 0 2 - - 2 1
    Crew - 2 4 2 - - 5 1 8
    Chariot pulled by two ponies. 4 crew, heavy armour, two with poleaxes, two with bows. Scythes for +10 points.

    Rare Units
    Hot Pot as in Warhammer Annual
    May take same Dogs of War as Empire (but no large humanoids)

    Special Characters
    Hisme Stoutheart, Elector of the Moot
    Lord and Hero Choice, 350 points.
    Hisme is the Elder of the Moot, the leader of all Halflings, as well as being an Imperial Elector .He must be the army general if taken, and will always lead his Thain’s Guard into battle.
    M WS BS S T W I A Ld
    4 5 7 4 4 3 7 4 10
    Weapons: Bow of the Moot, Runesting
    Armour: Full plate armour (4+ save), shield
    Magic Items: Bow of the Moot: The traditional weapon of the Elders of the Moot.
    Hits from this bow count as being from a S6 bolt thrower. 36 inch range.
    Runesting: Simply a smaller version of the Elector Counts’ Runefangs. Wounds automatically, no armour saves allowed.
    The Red Book of the Moot. This is the handwritten history of all Halflings (with recipes). All friendly Halfling units within 12? re-roll Break Tests.

    Will Bough the Giantkiller
    150 points
    Will Bough is Dogs of War and counts as a Rare and a Hero choice. He may be taken by all armies except Undead (all types), Chaos (all types), Orcs & Goblins, Skaven and Dark Elves
    After his family were eaten by the infamous Giant Urraag while he was away buying them a six-foot-diameter hedgeberry pie, this Halfling devoted his life (between meals) to exterminating all giants. This is a huge task for a warrior only three and a half feet tall, but he has had many successes, in particular being the only non-Giant to witness the infamous Big Bash.

    M WS BS S T W I A Ld
    4 4 6 3 3 2 7 3 9

    Special Rules:
    Giantkiller: Immune to all Psychology caused by Large Targets (except hating large humanoids)
    Causes terror in Giants (Note that this happens even though Giants are Immune to Psychology and cause terror themselves. Will Bough is one of the few things they are scared of)
    Immune to being fallen on by Giants.
    Can make a Giant re-roll his rolls to attack. These are both the first roll (to choose the attack type) and the second roll (for the Pick up and... attack)
    Gets all his attacks to fend off a Giant's Pick up and... attack

    Weapons: Bullseye Bow, Giantkiller Sword.

    The Bullseye Bow miraculously hits the most vulnerable parts of its target. These sometimes don't bear thinking about.

    Counts as a longbow that wounds large targets on a 2+

    The Giantkiller Sword always strikes with the right amount of force to kill its target. It was found in the centre of a stone circle that Will Bough hid in to watrch the Big Bash.
    Increases Strength up to the target’s toughness (max.6)
    See rules for Slayers in Warhammer Armies: Dwarfs

    Armour: heavy armour
    Mount: for +10 points Will can ride his trusty Shetland pony, Fat Timmy
    Magic Items
    Magic Weapons
    Blade of Fire 85 points. Made to destroy the killer trees that once plagued the Moot.
    The wielder counts as having the Flaming Sword of Rhuin spell cast on them at all times. It cannot be dispelled.

    Cut-all Axe 50 points. A strange artifact found by Chef Joll Fathead, one of the few Halflings to reach Albion, as the personal chef of Count Leopold von Stroheim.
    Ignores armour saves.

    Carving Blade 50 points Used by some of the greatest Halfling chefs for more peaceful purposes, but often taken into battle, this large knife cuts with incredible speed.
    +2 attacks.

    Living Staff 40 points. This walking stick is the last remaining piece of the infamous killer trees and is bound by a spell to protect its wielder. Missile weapon, range 12?, S4, D6 hits or hand weapon, +1 Strength, +1 Attack

    Bow of the Frozen Target 20 points The prize in the All-Moot Archery Contest, this bow slows time so that any target appears stationary. Longbow, User ignores all to hit penalties.

    Gobbleworthy's Sling 30 points This sling seems to laugh as it is released. The stones it fires always fly precisely to the target, useful for knocking apples from trees, and for hitting your enemies in the eye.. Counts as a sling with +1 to hit and Killing Blow (against all sizes of creature)

    Magic Armour

    Armour of Wood 30 pts. Simply a suit of armour made from the rare rockwood tree. Since it is not metal, it does not hinder the magical powers of its wearer. Counts as heavy armour, but can be used by wizards.

    Flashy Helmet 25 pts This gold-crested battle helmet shines with a bright light whenever it is hit. The bearer gains a 6+ armour save that can be combined with other armour. Any model attacking the bearer (with combat or shooting) is at –1 to hit.


    Talisman of Taming 30 pts.
    This talisman gives its wearer a mysterious power over animals.
    The bearer’s monstrous mount (if any) does not need to roll on the Monster Reaction table if the bearer is slain. Any cavalry mounts, monsters, Swarms(except Nurglings and Spirit Hosts) Chaos Hounds, Dire Wolves, Giant Rats, Salamanders ,etc. must take a Leadership test before attacking the bearer.

    Ring of Protection 40 pts
    Whoever wears this ring flashes in and out of reality
    The bearer counts as ethereal.

    Barrelbody’ s Charm 35pts
    This charm, which looks like a set of measuring spoons, was worn by the famous chef Jake Barrelbody. When later chefs tried to repeat some of his more difficult recipes without wearing the charm, they suffered fatal burns.
    The bearer is completely immune to fire attacks and has a 5+ Ward save.

    Look at me! Amulet 35 pts
    This amulet gives the wearer mysterious protection from harm. It was hidden away after Tom Boggin jumped off a cliff while wearing it and was scraped off the rocks at the bottom.
    2+ Ward save. However, if a 1 is rolled for this save, the wound is multiplied into D6 wounds

    Enchanted Items (WIP)

    Dibble’s Tankard 50pts
    This beer mug has a mysterious golden glow
    One Use Only. Restores all wounds suffered by bearer.

    Staff of the Traveller 25 points character on foot only
    This staff makes its bearer and his friends more resilient, and less afraid of perils along the way.
    The bearer, and the unit he is with, have +1 movement and may always march.

    Lucky Cookbook 20 points Chef only.
    The recipes in this cookbook are always mysteriously changing
    The bearer may re-roll his roll on the Herbs table before the battle.


    Catapultam habeo. Nisi omniam pecuniam mihi dabis, saxum immanem ad capitem tuum mittam.

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    I like it, though the idea of Halfling cavalry and Halflings with longbows just seem really ... Unfluffy, imho. :/
    But the rest is good.

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    Look at me! Amulet sound crap and is crap so i would get rid of it
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    The amulet has now been changed. Longbows are tricky, but I want halflings to be shooty. Actually, OK. I'll call them bows. And as for cavalry, it's a few Halflings on ponies. Maybe I'll make it 0-2 in a later incarnation.
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    13 (x3)

    ... Where are the geese? I DEMAND GOOSE SWARMS! 'twas a Halfling unit in the very old days IIRC
    Halflings hate all large humanoids (Giants, Ogres, etc.)
    In the designers notes when they made Ogre Kingdoms, it said that the Ogres and Halflings where friends, but it was lost for some reason. The fact that they surround themselves with Gnoblars is because they are sort of substitutes for the Halflings that where lost.
    'Tis said that there is a battle between an Ogres heart and belly when they encounter Halflings.

    But that's just loose facts, I might be wrong. I can't wait for the Warhammer roleplay books to come out, it will probably have decent fluff for once! :wacko:

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    No, you're right WickedRock. Ogres and Halflings were the last development of the Old Ones and have and unconscious connection. That is why Halflings have the appettite of an Ogre! The notes also mention that although other Ogres may think its strange if they see their neighbor nailing hair to gnoblar feet, they would still think it somehow makes sense.
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    As for the Ogre thing, this is pre-Ogre Kingdoms. And while Ogres might like Halflings, Halflings probably have other feelings about a race which thinks of them as cocktail olives. As for their hatred of Skaven, this is because
    a) Skaven steal food
    b) Halfling slaves are particularly prized for work in warpstone mines, because they are small and resistant to corruption.
    Catapultam habeo. Nisi omniam pecuniam mihi dabis, saxum immanem ad capitem tuum mittam.

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