I recently heard a few people moan about the Cursed Founding list due to it being a very rough way to represent several really weird Chapters. Here is what I have done so far on a newer more flexable list.


60 pts Force Commander
45 pts Commander
(Cursed Founding Commanders do not have Rites of Battle as standard)

Chaplains- as codex Space Marines
Librarians- as codex Space Marines

Elite- Terminators, Dreadnoughts

Troops- Tactical Squad

Fast Attack- 0-1 Assault Squad, Space Marine Bikes

Heavy Support- Devastator Squad, Predator (both kinds), Vindicator, Whirlwind

-no Allies of any kind allowed-

Now here comes the fun part- I "borrowed" the Doctrine system from the Imperial Guard Codex, a player may customise their Chapter by selecting any three choices off the following lists. This should allow players to create the existing CF chapters as well as make new ones.

Restricted units-

Cursed Knights- As Veteran Squad only instead of veteran skills Cursed Knights have the genetic corruption rule found on page 39 of Codex Chaos Space Marines

Cursed Champion- treat exactly like the Emperor’s Champion

Abominations- Fearless Space Marines with Bolt Pistol and Close Combat Weapon, each 6 they roll to hit gives them an additional attack however each roll of 1 is inflicted upon the Abomination unit itself- 17 pts per model

Tech Marine- see Codex Space Marines

Space Marine Scouts- see Codex Space Marines

Incinerators- As Devastator Squad only instead of heavy weapons may have up to 4- Flamers +10 pts and/or Plasma and Melta Guns +15 pts

Land Speeders- see Codex Space Marines

Chapter Abilities-
(5pts for Marines 10 pts for characters must be given to every Marine in the army or none at all)

Augmented Skeletons- +1 toughness, does not work for instant death and does not stack with a Bike

Enhanced Strength- +1 strength

Aura of Doom- -1 leadership to enemies in base contact, fearless

Shrouding- enemies use the night fight rules when firing at Marines with this ability

Berserkers- +1 attack, on a roll of one will advance D6� forwards instead of shooting

Immolation- all enemy models in combat are wounded on a 6, armour and invulnerable saves as normal


Rending Blades- the Assault Squad may be given Rending close combat weapons at +5 pts per model

Cleanse and Purify- See Codex Space Marines

See, but Don’t be Seen- See Codex Space Marines

Pure Recruits- Any Scouts taken do not have to take the Chapter Abilities and are exempt from the rule

Holding onto the Faith- For +15 pts a Space Marine Commander or Force Commander may have Rites of Battle

Any comments are welcome...