I want to share a miniature game that I have been writing. It’s sci-fi skirmish inspired by Infinity, Song of Blades and Heroes and Necromunda. It has got a cool activation & reaction mechanic and tactical gameplay. The core rules are short and elegant but there is also a large selection of weapons & special rules to choose from. You can use any miniature and the rules include a point based character builder.

I have playtested and tweaked it by myself for some time but now I want to share it to other gamers. Please let me know what you think. Feedback is much appreciated.

Download link on this page
Xenotactics – Tactical 28mm sci-fi warband skirmish

To play you’ll need:
3-15 miniatures per player
3 ten sided dice per player
A tape measure
Miniature terrain (books and shapes cut from paper can be used as quick terrain)