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Thread: New Vdr Rules

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    They say that the Imperial Gaurd are the most diverse army in the galaxy right? I propose a new doctorine. I call it... 'German Ancestry' They have to pay for it and there are limitations but you could design a vehicle from the ground up. Example

    Leman Russ chassis 50 pts 1 turret up to Ordinance, has 3 heavy hard points can have 7000 lbs
    Chimera chassis 40 pts, can have a turret up to heavy and has one Heavy Hardpoint and 6 Rapid fire hardpoints and can carry 5000lbs
    Artillery Chassis 50 pts ahs one heavy harpoint and an ordinace hard point and can carry 5000lbs

    armor weighs 100lbs per point and costs 5 per point

    Stuff like, more powerful engine on a sentiel so you can have that twin-linked lascannon and that missile laucher you've always wanted.

    A MLRS launcher would be a missile laucher with 4 shots and cost 50 pts

    Being able to transprt so many men would cost so much

    Each weapon would have a weight and a hardpoint requiement

    you could twin link ant assault, or rapid fire and the heavy stubber for one hardpoint but pay more

    stuff like this

    Make a Leman with 14-14-14 armor and have 2 twin-linked hvy stubbers in the turret and flamer in the sponsoons (just as an example)

    What do you think? If enough interest is shown I'll draw up a set of rules.

    Three Companies of the 26th Vinancium
    143rd Airborne Badgers (99.9% done)
    159th Corsair Rifles (35% done))
    69th Armored Wall Busters (95% done)

    Total 197 men, 12 tanks, 4 Heavy Artillery Pieces

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    Moved to Rule Development

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