Revised Louen Leoncouer Rules
Louen Leoncouer, King of Bretonnia

800 points
So potent a force Louen is in battle, he takes up 2 lord choices

King Louen: M WS BS S T W I A LD
4 7 3 4 4 3 7 5 10

Beaquis: M WS BS S T W I A LD
8 6 0 5 5 4 6 4 9

Weapons: Lance of the lady

Armour: Armour of Bretonnia, Crown of Bretonnia, Lion’s Shield

Special Rules:

Grail Vow: Having supped from the grail, Louen has the grail vow

The Puissant virtue:
Whilst fighting in a challenge, Louen can re-roll failed roll’s to hit
And wound. In addition, Louen’s complete faith in the lady make’s
Him stubborn, even though normally immune to

Beloved son of Bretonnia:
see army book

Army of the King:
see army book

The lady’s champion:
see army book

Magic items

Crown of Bretonnia:
see army book

Lance of the lady:
Created by Gilles for the future kings of Bretonnia,
And tipped with the first Fey Enchantress’s unicorns
Horn, it is a potent magic weapon capable of rending
Magic barriers apart.

Confers +1 to hit, +3 strength when charging,
And ignore Armour saves. The magical properties of the
Unicorn’s horn, it gives -1 to the enemy’s Armour save.

Armour of Bretonnia:
Crafted by Louis the rash, the Armour of Bretonnia
Is a beautiful piece of work.

The Armour of Bretonnia gives Louen a 4+ Armour save.
In addition the ward save conferred from the blessing
Of the lady is increased to a 4+

Lions Shield:
see army book

Beaquis the Hippogryh
see army book

i didnt post some rules for obvious reasons