Here are a couple special characters that I designed, mainly for fluff but I tried to make them palyable to. Would you guys accept these in a game? If not then what can I do to make them more acceptable.

All stat lines stay the same in the book.

Chapter Master Sanctus 170 points
Equipment: Fist of the Emperor, Master Crafted Bolter, Artificer Armor, purity seals, frag and krak grenades, Storm belt.

Fist of the Emperor: A master crafted power fist. When you score a wound on a enemy infantry model roll a D6. The number is the number of inches that the model knocked back. The model may fight in cc and fire its weapons the next turn but it may not move.

Storm Belt: Acts as a Iron Halo.

May be given Term. armor, if so then replace the MC Bolter with a strom bolter.
Points cost: 180

Special Ability: Patient: May choose to depoly the first unit or not.
May only be taken in an army of 2000 or more.

1st company captain Moren Points: 150
Equipment: Artificer Armor, Powerfist, bolter, purity seals, frag and krak grens, Iron halo.

Special Ability: Enormus Strength: Captain Moren ahs huge strengh and endurance, even for a space marine. As a result he can reroll his armor saves made on his last wound.

May be given Terminator Armor and a strom bolter.
Points: 159
May only be used in an army 1000 points or more.

High Chaplin Datarus Points 173
Equipment: Crozius Arcanum, Rosarius, Jump Pack, frag and krak grens, power sword.
Special Ability: Determined: May reroll any roll once.

May be used in an army of 1500 points or more.

Chapter Standard Bearer Ideaus Points 75
Equipment: Chapter Standard, Bolter

Speical Rule: Steadfast: May reroll any morale test for any unit in the army. Doubles the range of any Holy Relic or Banner Held by Ideaus. May be taken in the Command squad of any army 2000 pionts or more.

Head Librarian Sigenus Points 182
Equipment: Force Staff, Psychic Hood, Artificer Armor, 2 familars, Purity seals, frag and krak grens.
Psychic Powers, Storm of the Emperors Wrath and Fury of the Ancients

Special Rule: Wise: Sigenus is a veteran of many campaigns. If taken the army always gets to depoly its infiltrators first regardless of anything excpet if the senario explicitly says which side gets to place them first.

May be used in a army of 1500 points or more.

I put this in the fluff area and didn't get any reply about how useable they are. I would appreciate some reply on if they cost to little or to much or if their rules are to weak or to strong. thanks