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    Follow-up to more creatures in 40k

    A post was made earlier on the lack of alien creatures in 40k. I've written some rules for wild creatures to prowl around you battlefields, so feel free to playtest them as I was thinking of emailing GW with some suggestions. I also wanted to use them in friendlies, so give me some suggestions of how to change them and ill go ahead and do it.

    Clawed fiend
    Ravenous bear-like monsters that live in densely packed environments, clawed fiends can live in areas ranging from ice flows to tropical jungles. Standing a head taller than a space marine and twice as vicious, they tear their foes apart with razor-sharp claws and incredible strength.

    Clawed Fiend: WS:3 BS S:5 T:5 W:2 I:3 A:3 Sv:4+

    Special Rules:
    Habitat: At the start of the game, set out an area of jungle, an ice flow, etc, for the clawed fiend to prowl in. This can be as big as you wish, but no smaller than 6" by 6". When a model comes with 4" of this habitat, roll a D6. On a roll of a 4+, the fiend attacks! Place the fiend model in contact, and resolve one close combat against the fiend. After, place the fiend in the centre of the jungle. The fiend can now be engaged and shot at normally, but still attacks as above when a model comes within 4" of it's habitat. If it is killed, the attacks stop, and the player that killed it gains 125 victory points. Note that if different squads come within 4", the fiend only attacks one of them, the first one to be moved within range.
    Talons: The clawed fiend has huge claws, that can cut through the strongest of metals with ease. All of it’s attacks have the rending ability.
    Tropical mantis
    The tropical mantis is a constant threat to all those fighting in a jungle. Only waist-high to a man, they are still extremely deadly. They can control the pigmentation and colour of their skin to provide perfect camouflage, and have many toxin-filled spines to paralyse and poison their prey, before they begin to feed.

    Tropical Mantis: WS:4 BS S:3 T:3 W:1 I:6 A: D6 Sv:5+

    Special Rules:
    Habitat: The tropical mantis can inhabit any terrain on the battlefield, and often live in numbers. Therefore, all terrain except bunkers, razor wire, tank traps and other metal items, are infested with Mantises. Models moving through terrain infested with mantises must roll a D6 every turn they move. On a 4+, they will suffer D6 attacks on them with the mantises profile. They can strike back, and if they kill the mantis, gain 75 victory points, but the attacks continue.
    Venomous: Due to the deadly venom of the mantis, all of it’s attacks wound on a 3+. On a roll of a 6 to wound, it’s venom has paralysed one of it’s prey and the target’s armour save is ignored.
    Active Camouflage: The Mantis is a master of camouflage. It always counts as being in cover, and cannot be hit with ranged weapons.

    Giant Fire Beast
    A hulking reptilian creature, the giant fire beast is a slow-moving, 5 meter-long carnivore that kills it’s prey with a gout of flame from it’s enormous maw. It has incredible strength and is hard to kill, but is very slow and unskilled at close range.

    Giant Fire Beast: WS:2 BS S:6 T:6 W:2 I:1 A:2 Sv:4+

    Special Rules:
    Habitat: The Giant Fire beast starts in contact with a random area of difficult terrain on the board. It moves 2D6� towards the nearest model. When it comes within 6� of an enemy, roll a D6. On a roll of a 1-4, it spits flame in the same manner as a single heavy flamer shot at the nearest squad. On a 5 or 6, it spits flame as before, but also charges and will remain in combat until it has won or it is dead. It has no leadership value so counts as fearless, and any leadership-based attacks on it (mind war, etc) will not work(It’s mind is far too primitive and protected by feet of thick skull plate).
    Fire-borne: The Fire beast is hot-blooded, and it’s body temperature soars into the hundreds. Therefore, it is unaffected by flame weapons, and melta weapons suffer –1 to all to wound rolls against it.
    Monstrous creature: Hulking leviathans of flame and muscle, the fire beast is a monstrous creature.
    Victory points: The fire beast is worth 200 victory points.

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