Strigoi Thralls seem infinatly better than blood dragons. The only disadvantage is the strgoi can’t take any upgrades besides their bloodline powers which are awesome. However, the thralls get 65 points worth of free abitlities and the lords and counts get 80. A lot of the blood dragon powers are what the strgoi get for free. The magic weapons aren’t that great, and so the only advatage the blood dragons have are the increased weapon skill and armor. Thralls can take down most lords, where as a blood dragon thrall would have to buy some abilities/items in order to be able to as easily.

So here’s how I think the strgoi should be toned down.
1. Switch the costs of the powers Iron sinews and summon ghouls
2. Lords and Counts cannot upgrade magic levels
3. All strgoi vampires don’t have hatred, and infinite hatred is replaced with just hatred of the same cost.

Does this seem fair?