The flyers in 40k are not as numerous as the should be flyers should realy be a core type of vehical however there not

but the rules that there are for them are only any good in a vary basic way

there is no distinction between a imparial fighter and and an imparial heavy bomber (the latter should not be lowenfuf to be hit with ork big shooters!!)

so in an atempt to recify this neglect i developed these

sady they have only been play tested in aranged cercomstances as there are far to few people with flyers that i know

The normal aircraft rules as the stand are not totally representative of the full spectrum of aircraft found in the warhammer 40,000 universe. Should marauder bombers be able to be shot down by bolt guns? Aren’t the meant to be for high altitude? Should interceptors be better at shooting down other fighters and bombers than attacking ground targets?
Well these rules allow you to use you aeroplanes at different altitudes and give them advantages and disadvantages for being specialised in to a type of battlefield role

The normal aircraft rules as the stand and the rules for dog fighting as the stand are good but in addition to this add these rules

At the beginning of each time an aircraft is placed on the board but before it moves on declare which altitude it is flying in this affects what can shoot it and how well it can shoot

Shooting at ground targets
Role to hit needed How far bombes scatter How far big bombes scatter
Low altitude BS D6 D6
Medium altitude BS-1 2D6 2D6
High altitude - 3D6 3D6
Very high altitude - - 4D6

Shooting at Flying targets
Extra distance need to hit Role needed to hit Role needed to hit for an AA gun
Low altitude 12 6 Bs of firer
Medium altitude 24 6 Bs-1 of firer
High altitude 36 - 6
Very high altitude 48 - -(except missils need 6's)

All interception works as stated on page 76 of white dwarf 298
But with the following additional modifiers to hit for the different altitude levels

Defenders > Low altitude Medium altitude High altitude Very high altitude
Low altitude Unchanged -1 to hit(6+ then 4+) - -
Medium altitude +1 to hit Unchanged -1 to hit(6+ then 4+) -
High altitude - +1 Unchanged -1 to hit(6+ then 4+)
Very high altitude - - +1 Unchanged

Aircraft types

+15 points interceptor aircraft gain +1 to hit all enemy flyers other than heavy or light bombers when to hit them is at +2,they also suffer a –1 to hit penalty against ground targets cannot have armour values that exceed 10 these aircraft can move through two altitude levels each turn my not carry any bombes or AG rockets

Ground attack fighter
+15 These aircraft is specialised for destroying ground targets with it guns as has a +1 to hit against ground targets but suffers a –1 to hit penalty against all aircraft my not carry my not carry big bombes or AA rockets my move up one altitude level but my move down through two

+0 points these are multi-role and suffer no disadvantages for any thing but have no additional advantages in addition they may not carry big bombes my move through one altitude level pert turn

Light Bomber
+5 these aircraft my not carry any weapons that are strength 7 or higher but can carry big bombes the aircraft my not move in the low altitude level my move though one altitude level per turn

Heavy bomber
+15 these aircraft my carry any weapon but cannot go leave high or vary high altitude levels and my move though an altitude level every other turn (may have structure points)

Landing craft
These are additions to the orbital Lander upgrade (+30 points) these air craft my move though one level per turn and can land as per the orbital Lander rules they my not carry any bombes or rockets

+ 20 carry any thing move through one altitude level per turn and my split there fire

Racial attributes

Space marinas +1 to hit

Imperil navy no additional benefit

Chaos space marinas +1 to hit but only if crewed by chaos space marinas. Chaos servitors gain no benefit neither do daemon pilots nor any possessed vehicle.

Eldar can either chose to gain+1 to hit for a turn or for the enemy to suffer –1 to hit the eldar (not available in low altitude)

Orks no additional benefits

Tau don’t suffer –1 to hit is the enemy is above them

Necrons always hit on a role of 6 even if it would be better

Dark eldar the enemy suffer –1 to hit them always and –2 to hit them if the dark eldar chose to suffer a –1 to hit penalty

The inquisition gains no benefits

Sisters of battle no additional benefits

Any one else no additional benefits

Aircraft weapons (the more intrsting bit)

weapon Range Strength Ap Type
Bombes Guess 12-48 4 6 Heavy 1 blast
Incendry bombes Guess 12-48 5 5 Heavy 1 blast,may pinning
Cluster bombes Guess 12-48 4 6 Heavy D3 blast
High explosive bombs Guess 12-48 9 3 Heavy 1blast bunkerbuster
Big bombs Guess 24 6 4 Heavy 1 ordinance blast
AA rockets Unlimited 7 4 Heavy 1 AA only
Ag rockets Unlimited 8 3 Heavy 1

Bunker busting these bombes if hitting a bunker if the central whole is over the bunker then only a role of 4+ is need in stead of 6+ to destroy the bunker (personly i feel that the griffin morter should have this rule as well)

All bombes and rockets are one-shot weapons

there you go having read it again if i get some pretty positive feed back and or some emprovments(rather than people tellingme i have wasted my time) then i will send it off to chapter aproved where i don't dout that il will get ignored but it may be noticed

what od you think abotu it all?