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    Over-powered Army: Gods of War

    I got bored so I decided to create the most over-powered and expensive (points wise) army ever. Please note that this army will be insanely powerful, though will most likely suck because of the shortage of models.. The HQ units are insane, but I will try to tone down the other units when I make them. I think they are well priced, though. I will add more later, like some vehicles.

    Special Rules:

    Gods: All members of this army are gods, and have a 4+ inv save.

    Immense Power: All members of this army are scoring units, even if they are independant characters.

    Monsterous Creatures: All gods have strength high above mortals. As such, they are monsterous creatures. HQ and Heavy Support choices also ignore Inv saves.

    God-Machines: The machines of the gods all have the aformented 4+ inv saves, and always ignore all saves including inv saves.

    Above All in All Aspects: Gods ignore terrain and may move 12" in the move phase and assault 12". They are also all fearless.

    Greaters among Equals: Gods of War always counts as fullfilling mandetory FOC HQ slots.

    Incarnations of Power: Enemies have to pass a moral check to shoot or assault Gods.

    Overly Strong: Enemies do not need to use target priority against gods, and gods can be shot at even if they are in close combat.


    0-1 War God
    Pts: 1500
    Ws: 10
    Bs: 10
    S: 10
    T: 10
    W: 10
    I: 10
    A: 10
    Ld: 10
    Sv: 2+

    Weapons: Blades of the War God

    Special Rules:

    Bloodlust: Must always charge opponents.

    Anchor to the Material: If the War God dies, then the Gods lose the game.

    Blades of the War God: the War God gains +D6 attacks when charging instead of the normal 1. He also gains a shooting attack of Rng: 36 S 10 Ap 1 Assault 5

    Independant Chara

    0-1 Lord of Heavens
    Ws: 10
    Bs: 10
    S: 10
    T: 10
    W: 10
    I: 10
    Ld: 10
    A: 10
    Sv: 2+

    Weapons: World's End

    Lord of Heavens: He is the most powerful of the gods, and is constantly changing light. He regenerates 2 wound a turn, and if he dies, you may sacrifice 10 models to resurrect him. Count him as a new unit, so the enemy would get 2000 vps from this, plus the models sacrificed. Also, reward the opponent with 1000 additinal VP.

    Perferred Enemy: Daemons

    World's End: Weapon with range 48, s10, ap1, Assault 4, Large Blast, may be used in combat instead of using normal attacks.

    Independant Chara


    Pts: 50
    Ws: 5
    Bs: 4
    S: 5
    T: 5
    W: 2
    Ld: 10
    I: 5
    A: 3
    Sv: 5+

    Squad: 3-8

    Weapons: Godly powers, random fighting gear, etc. Count as nothing. Up to one may be upgraded to have a shooting attack at +40 pts. Count this attack as S6, Ap4, Rng 24, Assault 2.

    Not yet Gods: Only have a 5+ inv save, may only move 6" in move and assault phases.

    Lesser Gods
    Pts: 150
    Ws: 5
    Bs: 5
    S: 6
    T: 6
    W: 4
    Ld 10
    I: 6
    A: 4
    Sv: 4+

    Squad: 1-3

    Weapons: Godly powers, arcane weapons, etc. Treat as an Assault Cannon.

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