would anyone like to help to make a custom wargear thingy like u know in the 3rd ed rule book they have experience points and benfits u can pay for .Cuz im starting a big campiagn and we want something new.One of the missions that is already planned is a dark eldar raid on a temple (havent decided whos defending) its a sybarite with a sqaud of warriors and theyre after a large bounty of souls and if they get it and scoot of the table edge the sybrite gains an extra wound for the next three battles but if the defenders win they chase the DE away and gain a fortifacation at the temple .
We also want benefits for squads if they do exeptionaly well or defeat a large opponent they gain points and can trade them for abilitys or gear like a scope to increase ur range by half or actual gernades that cuase damage like plasma

so if you wanna help itd be appreciated,also if you like this idea post some of your own ideas becuase i only play eldar,daark eldar,and BA marines

jungle knife-+1 att(roll a seprate dice to hit in CC)hit 5+ wound 4+
pts10-scope-+10 inches to range
pts10-homing ammo-negates night fight rules
pts15-hellfire ammo-+1 str to weapon
pts10-krak gernades-range10in st 4 AP-temp3inch
pts10-frag gernades-range 14in st3 ap- 3inch
Character specific
teleport homer
pts15-plasma gernades-range6in st6 AP3 temp1inch
pts15-melta bombs-range8in st5 AP4 temp2inch

dark eldar
molecular knife-
haywire gernades-
poison blades-wound on 2+
dark matter gernades-range 6inch str7 ap1 temp1inch
soul seeker ammo-
splinter cannon accelerator-up to 2 extra shots may be taken everyturn,but each shot taken with the accelerator on a 1 or 2 the device blows up and the model takes a str3 ap- hit
Character only------
web way portal-
shadow field-
20pts each-smoke bomb-lasts one turn and takes 6s to hit the sqaud that it is used by(i donno how to word it)
terrorfex-range16 str3 ap5

haywire gernades
plasma gernades
targeting scope-+8 inches to range
Character only
spirit stone-reroll armour save
bounding leap-+4 inches to charge for exarch and sqaud
burning fist-reroll to wound,no armour save
crack shot-no cover save,reroll to wound shooting
crushing blow
defend-strike last,6s to be hit
fast shot
suprise assualt
tank hunter-when shooting at a vehicle 1-miss 2-5 glacing 6-penetrating

its not much now but i could use some comments. im not sure how we are gonna work our the points so nothings final. ill try to update every now and then