I'm planning on starting a series of Warbands level battles for WHFB soon, and my local gaming group has been debating if the 'default' magic die numbers should be changed to reflect the scale. Ideas are:

1. Keep them the same. Doubt anyone will take mages then - a level 1 mage is tossing 2 dice vs. 2 dice, so a worse than 50% chance to cast the spell. Even with the potential power a magic spell could have on such a small scale, you're spending a lot of points for a very unreliable means of doing anything, except I'd imagine the Invocation of Nehek (excuse me while I raise whole new units the size of a third of your army, right where I want them...)

2. Decrease only the dispel die default pool to 1. This would make level 1 wizards a much more viable option - they're more likely to get their spell through, plus of course you could use that dispel die from him if the enemy has the same idea! At the higher warband point costs, though, level 2 mages could become overpowered if the enemy doesn't have a countering magic user...4 power dice to toss around vs. only 1 dispel die. Ouch.

3. My personal favorite, decrease both the default dispel AND power die pool to 1. Same effect as 2 on level 1 mages, while level 2 mages only get 2 spells and 3 dice to play with by default - a bit less scary of a prospect, while still probably justifying the point sink. On the other hand, this makes a few items worthless - channeler honor for HE and Wizard's Staff for the Empire spring to mind. Seems like a pretty small downside, but I can see the local HE whining about that one.

Of course, dwarves would still get double (2 dispel dice).

Thoughts? Or any other good warbands house rules for either the game itself or for the ongoing campaign?