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Thread: Terrain RULES.

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    Terrain RULES.

    Can't delete posts anymore it seems. Well, delete this if you can.

    I have made this. There are many rules included that solve questions the rules do not answer.

    Area Terrain.


    • Bunkers.
      -A proxied area 3 terrain that gives 3+ cover. (Hardly proxied, it is usually obvious what is a bunker).

    • Buildings.
      -A proxied area 3 terrain that gives 4+ cover. (Defined proxied because you can see through it 6" no matter what, and nothing can see behind it).

    • Forests.
      -A proxied area 3 terrain that gives 5+ cover. (Hardly proxied, with a green felt on the board and movable trees, but proxied in the sense that trees go right up to the edge of the felt).

    • Ruins.
      -A proxied area 2 terrain that gives 5+ cover. (This is often actually a proxy of some walls surrounding an area to define where the ruins lie).

    • Walls.
      -Either WYSIWYG, or a proxied area 1, 2, or 3 terrain (defined at the start of the game). Walls give a 6+ cover if it is between the firer and target, or a 5+ cover if at least 50% of the target is in base contact with the wall. (Proxied because nearly anything roughly 2D is defined as a wall.)

    • Difficult Ground.
      -A proxied area 1 or 2 terrain that gives a 6+ cover. (Hills and bridges are generally defined as such).

    • Impassible ground.
      -WYSIWYG. Water and extreme pieces of terrain (like a 12" high rock). Models allowed inside this terrain get a 5+ cover save. Not area terrain, true LOS is drawn.

    Special Rules:

    • Bunkers: All bunkers can be destoyed, as per BGB p 193. It is better to use AV12 all around in casual play however. Units inside bunkers have restricted LOS to a 90 degree angle from the side with the fire points, and can only be shot if if the fire points can be seen from the firing unit. Other rules as per BGB (cannot be assaulted until bunker is destroyed, when destroy it counts as a building). Troops on top of a bunker count as in difficult ground. Any blasts or templates can only hurt a unit on top, or the bunker, or the unit inside the bunker, firers choice (it is of course possible to hurt the bunker if firing at the unit inside, as per BG.

    • Buildings: Buildings are usually three dimensional. All levels count as inside a building. All blast and template weapons hurt all units under the template, no matter how many levels it goes through. Units can be on different levels and remain in coherency as long as they are within horizontal coherency. Charging units only assault one level of a building, models on other levels cannot attack until the units sweep into the cover after the first round of assault as per BGB page 39.

    • Forests: Yay! No special rules. Watch out for the monkeys.

    • Ruins: Ruins do not have levels. Model height is likely to vary, but all models are treated as if at ground level. Ruins may (and often are) be surrounded by walls. If so, then the wall area terrain and special rules apply to all units outside the ruins.

    • Walls: No models can move through size 2/3 walls. Jump infantry and jet bikes cannot move over size 3 walls. Skimmers can. Just to note, unlike buildings, if a size 2 model is behind a size 2/3 wall, it cannot see though it (same goes for size 3 models and size 3 walls). If the wall is tall but has firing points, it should be defined as size 1 for purposes of shooting and being shot at, but not for movement.

    • Difficult ground: Stick size 2 infantry either side. If the can't see each other it is size 2 terrain. As a proxy, tanks can always see over it even if you wouldn't think so (some hills are rediculous, best to label them impassible, thus true LOS is drawn).

    • Impassile ground: If something doesn't look impassible but has not been defined yet (something with a ladder), make sure you and your opponent agree with its rules before the start of the game.

    You only recieve cover saves if you are inside the terrain (walls are an exception), so infantry behind ruins (without walls) being shot at by vehicles do not get cover saves, and vehicles shot by vehicles behind ruins (without walls) cannot be obscured.

    All units can see 6" into terrain of equal or higher size than them, with the exception of bunkers. A size 3 unit can see anywhere into the terrain of size 2.

    If something can be shot, it can shoot back.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rikimaru View Post
    You have the option for instance of infiltrating, outflanking, pillboxing, or anti assault.

    And that's just with the Kroot.

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