I wanted to make this special character for my forthcoming Angels of Vengeance army:

Grandmaster Furion, current commander of the Angels of Vengeance Chapter.

WS: 7
BS: 5
S: 5
T: 4
W: 3
I: 4
A: 4
Ld: 10
Sv: 2+

Terminator Armour, The Blade of Torture and a master-crafted storm bolter. He also has bionics and 5+ invernerable save.

4-9 Terminators and 0-4 Servitors (see Codex: Space Marines). Furions retinue may also include a single interrogator-chaplain.

Special rules:

Inner Circle: Furion and his terminator retinue is members of the inner circle of the chapter and count as being stubborn.

Burning Secret: Furion is the leader of an 'unforgiven' chapter, and knows the secret of the fallen angels wery well. His hatred of them is so great that he would attack an entire fleet just to capture a single one and give him to his interrogator-chaplains. To represent this, if there are any fallen angels in the opponent army, they are worth D6x10 victory points if Furion or a interrogator-chaplain kills him/them. Cypher is worth D6x10 + 100 points.

The Blade of Torture: The blade was used by the first grandmaster of the Angels of Vengeance, and has killed more traitors than most inquisitors has killed daemons. In battle, Furion uses this sword as much as a symbol of punishment to the traitors as a weapon. The blade of Torture counts as a master-crafted power sword and a holy relic.

I made him just for fun and will give him a points value soon, and a backstory.