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Thread: Skaven in space

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    Skaven in space

    I do not know if this has been covered at all before, but does anyone have any thoughts on taking the Skaven into space?
    I see hordes of miner-scavengers, drifting around on powered asteroids, trading, stealing, fighting and trying to make the best profit.
    Give them the full range of low-tech vehicles to field (anything Orky or IG), plus weapon options on a par with the Kroot.
    Given the low-tech nature of the vehicles, there could be fewer crucial parts so hits are not so serious so often..?
    How about land yachts or steam power?
    Poor armour, as numbers the key. This is a horde of gretchin-sized grunts who can shoot.
    Rule option to fall back and shoot a must have ability(?).
    Bodgers rather than craftsmen, rule option for malfunctions also a must have.
    Give them a dark edge to build them up - perhaps an innate craving/ urge like the Vulcan 7 year thingy, which causes them to make maximum mayhem.
    Stat line would not be great, but lots of vehicles to dart about in and leadership based on numbers. How about countercharge a la CSM skills as an innate ability?
    I sort of imagine a Jawa/ Ferengi-ish horde with Goblin cunning, true Skaven spite and a dark side to be proud of.

    Just a mad idea late on a Tuesday night.

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    yes its been covered. numerous times. use the search bar.
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