Hi guys! Well, at my club, I have decided I'm going to organise a 40k map campaign (see back of rulebook) for everyone to play, hopefully with a few people's help. I pitched the idea to the treasurer of the club (he used to be president, but someone else got voted in) and he said to come up with some ideas and get back to him.

Unfortunately it is somewhat difficult to come up with ideas seeing as players at my club have pretty much covered every army relesed, and there will be up to 20 players in it. (That's how many people play 40k at our club, they won't all necessarily be in the campaign though).
The armies that I know people have are-

-Daemonhunters -Imperial Guard -Ultramarines -Dark Angels -Eldar
-Blood Angels -Catachan Jungle fighters -Armageddon Steel Legion -Necrons
-Thousand Sons -Orks -Tyranids -Black Templars -Dark Eldar -Tau -Sisters of Battle
-Dark Eldar -Space Wolves -Noise Marines -Death Guard -Kroot

Some people have more than one army, so I don't know which ones they are going to use.

So what I have to do now is come up with a general idea rather than army specific ideas, because I will ask who is playing and what army they will be using so I can get more detailed.

So, what I need now is what to base it on (a city/planet/star system etc.) how many points (I think low points like 1000 would be good becuase there will be alot of battles and it would be good to make them quick) and what capturing certain areas do for you. (Extra slots for HQ/Heavy etc., Extra points to use). And a general idea of what the battles in this place wil be about (an artifact, weapon of war etc.) I think I will use the experience system (also in back of rulebook) cos it's cool.

Well, this will be a big task for someone who has never made a campaign before, but there's a first time for everyting and it will be easier with your help. Thanks.