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    Space Marine Warmasters

    I just wanted to make a fourth space marine hq choise, and decided to make the rules for the pre-heresy space marine warmasters.

    Space Marine Warmaster:

    Points cost: 170

    WS: 6
    BS: 5
    S: 4
    T: 4
    W: 3
    I: 5
    A: 4
    Ld: 10
    Sv: 2+

    Crusader-Blade (power weapon) and Artificer armour

    A Warmaster can be given any equipment allowed from the Space Marine Armoury (Codex: Space Marines).
    May change the Artificer armour for terminator armour for +5 points.

    'Independent Character'
    A Warmaster is an independent character. See the Space Marine Character special rule for more details (Codex: Space Marines).

    'Retinue Squad'
    The Warmaster may be led by a squad of his most trusted and loyal followers. This squad consist of a mix of space marines and different kind of servitors:

    Maximum number of squad: 10

    1 Sergeant with terminator honours (30 points), he may be given equipment allowed from the Space Marine Armoury.

    3-6 Space Marines, all with frag and krak grenades. One can be armed with one of the following weapons: flamer (+6 points), plasmagun or melta gun (+10 points).

    0-4 Shield Servitors (9 points):
    When the Warmaster takes a wound, he may allocate it to a shield servitor, before armour saves.
    WS:3 BS:3 S:3 T:3 W:1 I:3 A:1 Ld:8 Sv:6+
    weapons: bolt pistol and close combat weapon or bolter.

    0-4 Combat or Gun Servitors (10 points + upgrades):
    See Codex: Daemonhunters for details.

    0-4 Servo-skulls (points varies): Sevo-skulls are small flying skulls, and the enemy would eighter not notice them or just ignore them, the skull itself are only constructed for technical support, and would never attack. To represent this, Servo-skulls dont have any stat-line, and cannot attack or be attacked. They are not scoring models, and are destroyed when the last member of the squad is dead. Must be upgraded with one of the following tools:

    Scanner-skull: the squad count as having an auspex (+3 points).

    Supporter-skull: the squad count as having a teleporter homer (+6 points).

    Autoguard-skull: the skull may try to heal the Warmaster when he is wounded. He count as having bionics. If the Warmaster are killed, the skull may choose another master to guard, starting the next phase (+7 points).

    Torch-skull: The squad count as having a searchlight (+2 points).

    Melta-skull:are armed with melta bombs (+6 points).

    Servo skulls should be represented with models on the battle field. Note that servo skulls do not count for the maximum number member the squad may include.

    'Power-field of Protection'
    Follows the same rules as the iron halo (see Codex: Space Marines).

    'Honour the Empire'
    The glory of mankind lies deep in the heart of these brutal fighters. They, and all members of a squad they might be leading are fearless (see the Warhammer 40.000 rulebook for details).

    The Warmasters are trained psykers, and can choose between the Fear of Darkness or Might of Heroes psychic powers. The power must be chosen before the battle starts.

    Edit: What do you think?
    I also want to make some more specialized, named characters, do you have any suggestions of historical space marine heroes?

    Last edited by Be'Lakor; October 21st, 2005 at 20:44.

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    It doesn't really fit the fluff IMHO... Unless it was like pre-crusade before the Primarchs. If the rules are for pre-crusade SM, then I think that it would fit well.
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    Um, warmaster is the title given very rarely to the person in charge of all the imperiums forces in times of dire need. Warmasters arnt always space marines remember, also it claims in the fluff that this hasnt happened for a long while (Solar Macherius, although I think there might be soom since then).

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    One sidenote: Space Marines don't need servo-skulls. From the armoury you can take those upgrades (in some cases for a cheaper price). E.g. bionics only cost 5 pts normally and a teleporter homer only 5 pts. You can also take auspexes. The only things not normally possible are search lights and allowing an attack with meltaboms and still having the character attack normally.

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