Anglar, champion of tzeentch. 193 pts
Anglar is a chaos champion that has an insatiable thirst for knoweldge of magic.


m ws bs s t w i a ld
4 7 3 5 4 2 7 4 8

equipment: chaos armour. Staff of dharakmeth. (lvl 2 sorcerer)
Special rules:
staff of dharakmeth, anglar is a lvl 2 wizard but due to the daemon in his staff he can know up to 5
spells, however no 2 spells must be off of the same lore.
Anglar has studied magic for countless years and may choose of any lore from the following list
Fire, shadow, life, beasts, heavens, slaanesh, nurgle, tzeentch, death, metal, beasts, ice.

well, any comments would be appreciated. Sorry for the lack of background, ill do some more later.