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    Compiled List of Doctrines

    There have been many threads created in the Rules Development forum with interesting ideas regarding the Imperial Guard Doctrine system. So, I've taken the liberty to compile as detailed a list as I could create with as many of the created Doctrines as I could find.

    Please note that I do not take full (or half, or even a third) credit for these Doctrines - they were made by the Rule Developers of Librarium Online, and if you wish to get a full list of names, do a search in the Rules Development forum for "Doctrines." I put credit on the whole of Librarium Online as a community.

    I'd like to ask, in advance, that everyone who posts in here posts something constructive and useful to the topic - no idea bashing, calling people names, spam, etc.

    Thanks and enjoy the list!



    Combined Regiments. The regiment comes from a world where a mixed variety of specialised troops are not uncommon in a single army. The army takes an extra detachment of Troops with the following limitations:

    1-3 Troops choices; 0-1 Elites and 0-2 Fast Attack OR 0-2 Elites choices; 0-1 Heavy Support choice limited to Heavy Weapons Platoons (with appropriate Doctrine). May not take a Command Platoon or attach any Advisors to these extra squads. May not choose multiple Combined Regiments. The detachment may select 1-5 Doctrines; one of these is Combined Regiments, which is already included; 2 of the remaining 4 must be identical to 2 of the Doctrines from the parent list. Costs 60 points.


    Mounted. The regiment is trained exclusively in the art of horseback riding (or other Xeno beasts) and have grown so attached to their mounts that they are as common on the battlefield as the Lasgun is for a normal Guardsman.

    All Guard Infantry units must be mounted on a horse or some other beast. Rough Riders are now a 0-3 Troops choice. Armoured Fist squadrons are now a Heavy Support selection and are the only Infantry squads who may take Heavy Weapons. An additional Special Weapon may not be taken in place of the Heavy Weapon. Power Weapons may be taken by anyone with access to the Armoury at the points cost indicated. Rough Riders are the only units allowed to be equipped with Hunting Lances and Xeno Mounts. Costs +2 points/model.

    May not be combined with Drop Troops, Mechanised, Jungle Fighters, or Light Infantry.

    Xeno Allies. The regiment is lacking suitable numbers to fight in it's battles or it has lived on the borders of the Imperium and is willing to buy out the support of Mercenaries. The regiment could also be one of many who have turned to a more chaotic path, such as the Genestealer Cults.

    One Troops choice from a Xeno army (Eldar, Dark Eldar, Orks, Tyranids, Tau, Kroot Mercenaries) may be taken as an Elites choice. The squad retains all options and upgrades available from its parent codex.


    Swimming Gear. Some regiments train extensively on water-based planets and they take their training, as well as their equipment, to battle with them.

    Any unit (not limited to Guard Infantry units) may purchase Swimming Gear and receive the following benefits: Deep and Shallow Water terrain is treated as clear for movement purposes; Units in Deep Water may not shoot any weapons but receive a 3+ cover save; Units equipped with Swimming Gear may choose to Deep Strike into any available Water Terrain, and if they scatter on any impassable terrain, place them next to it instead of being destroyed. Costs +5 points per unit.

    May not be combined with Carapace Armour or Chem-inhaler.


    I am aware that this isn't quite a full list, and I apologise, but some of the topics that go above 3 pages are difficult to cycle through and pull a finalised Doctrine out of.

    If you have any Doctrine ideas, please PM them to me in the above style and I'll add them to this original post. Everyone else, please feel free to discuss!

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    Swimming gear seems like it'd be ideal for Carapace Armor and Chemi-inhaler...
    that's basically a lightweight full environmental body armor...

    denying Camoline and Jungle Fighters would seem more appropriate as camoline would make water a 2+ save...)
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