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    Character game! (again)

    Right i wanted to start a game, and this is what it is
    You have to invent a character, either fantasy or 40k, it doesnt matter.
    There are some rules though.
    1They have to be beliveable
    2They must be based on a model that is already made.
    3No ripoffs
    4No flaming
    5Some background
    Reccomendation: read the belieable characters thread.

    Alright then, lets get going!!!
    come ON people! currently i look like a sprout!!!!!!!

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    meh, I'll bite

    Veteran Sergeant Farack of the Iron Fists

    Pts Ws Bs S T I W A Ld Sv
    Farack 70 4 4 4 4 4 1 2 9 3+
    Any Tactical, Command or Veteran squad may replace its sergeant with Farack. May not be used used in armies of less than 500pts.
    Wargear: Bolter, power weapon, terminator honours (included above) frag grenades

    Special rules:
    Bolter drill: You may re-roll, if you wish, any to hit dice for any Heavy bolter or bolter fire undertaken by Faracks squad. If you do this than all too hit dice must be rolled not just the missed ones.

    Sergeant Renalt Farack was promoted to the 1st company/veteran sergeant for his extreme acts of courage and ability under fire during the purging fo the heretical insurgents on Irea.
    Sergeant Farack bravely led the defense of Mortens reach, a large hill nearly Irean capital. For 17 hours Farack and his squad held wave after wave of heretics at bay. Properly versed in the rites of battle, expertly brought the vengeance of the Emperor upon the rebels with accurate and controlled bolter fire. When Farack and his squad were relieved by reinforcements it took many hours for the troops to clear the blasphemic enemy so that the hill could be climbed.

    ^ basically Lysander 3rd ed reborn


    Veteran brother Gilliam

    Ws Bs S T W I A Ld Sv
    4 4 4 4 1 5 2(3) 9 3+

    Wargear: Garm, bolt pistol, terminator honours, extensive bionics, frag grenades, melta bombs.

    Special rules:
    Garm: Gilliam has wielded Garm since he joined the scout company. The baroque chainaxe has slain many thousands of the Emperor’s foes. In game terms it follows the same rules as a master crafted Khornate Chainaxe.

    Extensive bionics: Gilliam lost his left arm, left leg and the left side of his face during a battle with a Tyranid swarm on Laguz. Because almost half of Gilliam’s body is made up of adamantium he may make his bionics saving throw on a 4+ rather than the usual 6+.
    This saving throw may still not be taken against wounds that ignore normal saving throws.

    Veteran brother Gilliam was restless. There were Orks to be killed yet Inquisitor Forde held them back. He hankered for battle, lusted for his chain axe to bite into the flesh of the vile enemies of mankind. Yet here he was trapped like a caged bear in his chambers with naught to do but remember past life and past battles.
    He flexed his left arm, the light from the rooms candles catching on its metallic surface. His chest swelled with pride as he thought back to the day when a brood of monstrous Tyranid warriors has tasted his chain axe even at the cost of his left fore arm and half his face. Even though it had happened nearly 3 decades it still felt odd.
    In the 7 decades that he had served his chapter not once had he faltered, not once had he fled, he had always stood before what ever monstrosity that was sent before him and he had not blinked once. Instead he had stood calmly before them before dispatching them with a bolter round to the temple (or xenos equivalent) or to remove their head swiftly with his trusted chain axe, garm.
    There was a knock at the door
    “Enter? Gilliam’s low tones emanating around the room.
    The door slid to the side and a short figure stood before the angel of death.
    “Lord Inquisitor Forde requests your presence in his quarters?
    Gilliam stood from his chair picked up his ornate chain axe and bolter from the table and followed the lobotomized servitor from the room.

    hope these are ok
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