The Frozen Angels (Ice Giants) - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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    The Frozen Angels (Ice Giants)

    Here is the background of my chapter i have also posted some images.

    The Icemen Commeth.

    Inqusitorial report on the purity of the frozen angels chapter

    Inquisitor kandrofski

    segmentum obscuris

    Primarch Sasqua ‘ch’
    Chapter master Cryogen
    Chief librarian Subzero
    Apothecary Chilblane
    Master of sanctity Frozone

    The frozen angels specialise in frozen enviroments supported by speeders the targets are identified by the company’s scouts who then call in the reserves and thunder hawks once the objective has been met the surviving marines are evacuated via land raiders supported by twin lascannon and heavy bolter fitted predators.

    The frozen angels chapter of space marines are known as the ice giants by the local nomadic tribes. New initiates are taken from the hardiest of the local tribes men who all manage to survive in the -12 conditions on the planet

    Victor Fries
    The home world is a frozen desert full of untapped natural resources littered with numerous research facilities and mining plants including several sources of STC.
    Using these the techmarines assigned to the frozen angels have pioneered advanced cryogenic techniques that enable deep space exploration of the vast segmentum obscuris while providing greater protection from extended warp jumps. They also have their gene seed cryogenically frozen to prevent the genetic material becoming corrupted. This combined with their accelerated Haemastamen implant makes the frozen angels almost immune the effects of cold.

    Due to their extended periods of cryostasis there have been several abnormalities noted in the frozen angels gene seed.
    The Haemastamen (phase 4)implant in a Frozen Angel is accelerated in order to process the ice crystals that form in the blood during the cryogenic process used to store the marine on extended deep space crusades. The Melanochrome, or Melanochromic Organ. (phase 13) implant is damaged, this gives the frozen angels their pale blue skin colouring. An over active Sus-an Membrane(phase 12) implant has resulted in a temperament entirely void of emotion.

    Traits, advantages and their drawbacks

    The frozen angels are both courageous and stern, totally unflinching in their devotion to the emperor of mankind.
    There is a minor divergence to the codex that bears further note
    Cleanse and purify(stern)

    Here are the 19 phases of creation investigated for the frozen angels.

    (copyright games workshop)

    1. Phase 1 – Secondary Heart.
    2. Phase 2 – Ossmodula.
    3. Phase 3 – Biscopea.
    4. Phase 4 – Haemastamen (accelerated on implant)
    5. Phase 5 – Larraman's Organ.
    6. Phase 6 – Catalepsean Node.
    7. Phase 7 – Preomnor.
    8. Phase 8 – Omophagea.
    9. Phase 9 – Multi-lung
    10. Phase 10 – Occulobe.
    11. Phase 11 – Lyman's Ear.
    12. Phase 12 – Sus-an Membrane (over active due to extended usage)
    13. Phase 13 – Melanochrome, or Melanochromic Organ. (dammaged)
    14. Phase 14 – Oolitic Kidney.
    15. Phase 15 – Neuroglottis.
    16. Phase 16 – Mucranoid.
    17. Phase 17 – Betcher's Gland.
    18. Phase 18 – Progenoids.
    19. Phase 19 – Black Carapace

    Phase 4 – Haemastamen. This tiny organ is implanted into a main blood vessel. The haemastamen serves two purposes. It monitors and to some degree controls the Phase 2 and 3 implants. The organ also alters the constituent make-up of the recipient's blood. As a result, Marine blood is considerably more efficient than ordinary human blood, as it has to be when you consider the extra biological hardware a Marine carries inside him!

    Phase 12 – Sus-an Membrane. This flat, circular organ is implanted over the top of the exposed brain. It then grows into the brain tissue until completely merged. The organ is ineffective without subsequent chemical therapy and training. However, a properly tutored Marine may then enter into a state of suspended animation. This may be a conscious action, or may happen automatically in the event of extreme physical trauma. In this condition, a Marine may survive for many years, even if bearing otherwise fatal injuries. Only appropriate chemical therapy and auto-suggestion can revive a Marine from this state – a Marine cannot revive himself. The longest known period of deanimation followed by successful reanimation is 567 years in the case of brother Silas Err of the Dark Angels (d.321 M.37).

    Phase 13 – Melanochrome, or Melanochromic Organ. This organ is hemispherical and black. It functions in an indirect and extremely complicated manner. It monitors radiation levels and types bombarding the skin, and if necessary, sets off chemical reactions to darken the skin to protect it from ultraviolet exposure. It also provides limited protection from other forms of radiation. Differing melanochrome organ gene-seed from Chapter to Chapter leads to variations in skin and hair colour, and in some Chapters all of the Marines may have identical coloration, such as is found in the albino warriors of the Death Spectres Chapter.

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    Im gonna quote the rules here:

    ''Posting material with copyright without permission from the author is strictly prohibited. Posts containing such material will be deleted without notice.

    This especially concerns; asking for / posting / or offering scans of information printed in any Games Workshop publications. This includes White Dwarf, Army Codex, Rule Books or similar.''

    If Im not mistaken thats from a WD.

    Also this should be in army fluff. Where are the pics btw I cant see any? Anyway the fluff looks quite good. How about expanding it with battles they've been in and developing the named characters a bit more?

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    A DIY chapter would not have a primarch unless it is one of the two lost chapters which in my opinion are best left alone.
    Instead it would have a chapter founder
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