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    Nippon themed Mordheim

    right, still working on the specifics,
    but lately I've found myself inspired to do a Eastern themed Mordheim campeign...

    they have a "New World - South America" feel with Lustria,
    and the Europe stuff with Mordheim,

    so i'm thinkin, age of Samurai and Shao Lin monks kicking arse and taking names...

    thing is, don't know a whole lot about the Eastern style bits of WFB

    are there any?

    if so, where would i find this stuff?

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    Firstly, Shao Lin monks would be in Cathay.

    As far as I'm aware, there's very little background stuff for Cathay and Nippon. Clan Eshin went to Nippon once, and there's the Cathayan longsword wargear piece. There's also mention of unusual beastman types in the east, like catmen in the India paradigm area.

    I'm not sure how you'd translate this to a Mordheim type setting though. I guess you could have groups fighting over sites of geomantic importance in the wilderness or something, but then you'd need some kind of wizard in each party.
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