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    Raven Guard Rules

    actually i collect RG an d have combed the internet for rules. I have made a codex with the ones i found and some stuff i added it rocks and u r all free to use it for whatever:w00t: :yes:

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    NOTE: I ha ve not finished

    Raven Guard codex:

    Why collect Raven Guard (space Marines):

    Raven Guard are an army of assault and have some interesting tactical special rules to support it, they specialize in guerrilla warfare and assaults with deep strike/drop pods. They are a original army and not many people collect them allowing you to make up more rules and background stories. Raven Guard are commemorated by the emperor highly as they lost ¾ of their when the chaos legions went on there first crusade, this caused the chaos to suffer so much losses they where defeated before killing the emperor himself. Because of this They have limited resource and cannot afford fancy lascannons! They modify their guns to the max and have to improvise with what they have. If you like assault, and charging into close combat unhurt and walking out unhurt the Raven Guard are for you!.

    Modified Organization chart:
    Because of their losses and specialist skills the organization chart has been modified for the Raven Guard. choose any 1

    Guerrilla assault:
    Pro: all models receive ‘move through terrain’ rules and scout squads are treated as having an auspex.
    Con: NO heavy weapons may be taken for infantry (only assault weapons I.e. flamers) may be taken and only 1 heavy support choice may be taken.

    Drop massacre:
    “This is Sergeant Baron of the Raven Guard 3rd Company,?
    “Is there a problem Sergeant Baron??
    “err… 18 of our men landed in trees, 23 landed in the Chaos concentration camp, 6 landed in the sea and 14 landed in minefields, and that leaves 27 of us to fight the remaining 210 chaos,?
    “Sergeant I told you this would be a drop site massacre didn’t I?, We either kill the enemy on the ground or we die on the way down to the ground!?

    Pro: The Raven guard prefer to drop down from above or sneak up from behind based on intelligence gathered by their scouts rather than lumber in on foot with medium range bolters! Bah, they want to kill and Kill fast to strike fear and to minimize loss (the statement above not describing that at all well!) even if deep strike is not allowed in games with Raven Guard it is no matter how much your opponent whines. All fast attack may deep strike free of cost.
    Con: there are no infiltrators allowed for the Raven Guard and ONE heavy support choice can be taken. You may have no less than 2 fast attack choices to choose this and a maximum of 5 un-deepstrikeable units can be taken

    Furious Assault:
    Charge, charge and slash at them until they drown in there own blood CHARGE!
    Pro: All men (or maybe women) may swap bolters for bolt pistols and close combat weapons for free and men gain +1 initiative and strength for a charge into combat all men (or women) MUST buy furious assault for 3 points
    Con: If there is enemy unit within 12’’ roll a D6 on a 5 or 6 the unit must move towards it no matter what the size (excludes vehicles) your unit must keep assaulting an enemy until they take a morale test and fail it. This takes place in your assault phase.

    The Less the better: The less the men the more stealthy and the more highly trained they are
    Pro: 1 elite choice can be taken instead of 2 troop choices roll for all scouts on a 4, 5 or 6 they become Raven Guard scouts. All elites gain stealth training
    Con: your total point cost is reduced by 15% and tanks (excluding transports) are banned for the game but may enter as reserves.

    A few units have been added to the Raven Guard.


    Raven Lord:

    Pts/model Ws Bs S T W I A Ld Sv
    Raven master 85 5(6) 4 4 4 3 5 3(4) 10 3+
    Raven Lord 70 5 4 4 4 2 5 3 10 3+

    Options: The Raven Lord/Master maybe equipped with anything from the space marine army accept 1 lightning claw costs 15pts a pair cost 25pts

    Furious Charge: The Raven Lord/Master takes the furious charge skill for free and any squad he is attached too gets it too

    Claw Mastery: When equipped with one or two lightning claw(s) the master gains +1 Ws on a charge into combat When equipped with a pair he gains a this ability and an extra attack on a charge into close combat (5 attacks on a charge)!

    Rites of battle: (as shown pg 28 commander rules)


    Raven Guard - Defenders of The Raven:

    Pts/Model Ws Bs S T W I A Ld Sv
    Space Marine 26 5 4 4 4 1 5 1 9 3+

    Options: The Squad may take 2 Plasma / Melta guns and all receive bolt pistols and close combat weapons for no cost any number may receive special weapons (power sword/power fist/lightning claws/power mace) at 8 points for a power sword 10 for a power fist. And grenades

    One marine may become an Apothecary
    One marine may become a standard bearer
    One marine may become a veteran sergeant
    One marine may become a sergeant

    Outmatched: The men arguably have the most highly trained reflexes in the space marines they always get to strike first against opponents with equal initiative

    Raven Guard scout squad:

    Pts/Model Ws Bs S T W I A Ld Sv
    Scout 17 4 5 4 4 1 4 1 9 4+
    Veteran +10 4 5 4 4 1 4 1 10 3+

    Options: the scouts may be armed with grenades and/or a sniper rifle for +5 points they may exchange their weapons for a shotgun or bolter for free. 1 man may be armed with a heavy bolter for +5 points or a missile launcher at +10 points

    Raven Guard Scout weapons:10 points for squad of 5
    Snipers: any man with a sniper rifle in the squad may take these rules. Hellfire rounds : this allows the sniper to use hellfire rounds(+3 points), Timed movement: the scout can time his movements to remain a ghost and
    use his sniper whilst moving, this allows 2’’ movement before shooting
    Shotguns: Any man with a shotgun may take these rules.
    A Classic clearing device: Scouts have modded there shotguns to deliver a medium impact spray of rounds designed to cause multiple light wounds to enemies and to disrupt them to allow over scouts to carry a objective out these give 2 + D3 shots and give a +1 to any cover save taken E.G. 4+ cover save = 5+ cover save.
    Heavy Bolter: any man with a heavy bolter may take these rules.
    Light=manoeuvrable: the scouts have enabled there heavy bolters to carry the same high impact rounds but at a lower weight. This may be enabled 2 times a game: New profile: range-18’’ Str- 5 Ap-4 assault 2

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