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Thread: Cain and Jurgen

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    Cain and Jurgen

    Well, I just finished reading Death or Glory by Sandy Mitchell, and I had a spur of creativity to create rules for the unlucky Commissar. I also searched the forums and did not find a similar topic, so if stats for these two have been posted before, I apologize :wacko:

    Anyways, without further ado:

    Commissar Ciaphus Caine and Guardsman Jurgen – 150 points
    Armies of at least 1000 points

    Independent Character – Jurgen and Caine are two separate models, but act as one for purposes of the Independent Character rule only.

    Ciaphus Caine

    Chainsword – Master crafted
    Laspistol – Master crafted
    Lucky – Caine has supernatural luck when it comes to squeezing out of tight situations, this is represented by a 5+ invulnerable save.
    Hero – Caine is always at the front of major battles, no matter how hard he tries to avoid it. Because of this he is always seen fending off the first enemies to engage, giving his troops reassurance. This is represented by the rules for Trademark Item
    Weapons Master – Caine is a master at using the Chainsword due to constant practice, and necessary use during battle. His skills are so finely honed he receives +1 WS and +1 A, already represented in his profile.
    Let Them Stop The Bullets! – Although he is deeply devoted to the Emperor, Ciaphus privately believes His Holiness has better things to do than save Caine’s skin. This is translated into a lower-then-average LD rating for a commissar, because he is constantly looking out for ways to save himself.


    Psychic Blank – Caine’s aide was born a psychic blank, and so any psychic entity has a hard time being near him, let alone trying to cast spells. No psychic abilities or summoning attempts may be attempted within 6” of Jurgen. Additionally, any Daemon within 6” of Jurgen must make an instability roll at the end of its turn at a -1 modifier.
    Xeno-fighter: Orks – Due to Jurgen being a native Valhallen, he has much knowledge of the ways of war when it comes to combating Orks. He also transfers this ability to Ciaphus Caine and and units they are attached to.
    Faithful – Jurgen is very faithful to his Commissar, and thus if Caine were to take any wound to due to shooting, transfer that wound to Jurgen and then resolve armor. This represents the fact that Jurgen would to any lengths to keep his commander safe.

    I'm starting to think 150 might be too low a cost for these two, but lets see what you guys think!

    "Through most of the war we fought as nobles might. Never betraying, never decietful. But there came a point where tripping the soldier next to you might mean another day of life..."

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    I think that the cost is a to much. I would make the cost the 90 ,but give Cain the honorifica Imperialis (the books say he's had more than one), and I would put in a rule to take into account that any guardsmen would take a shot for him. Also increase Jargons blank range, and make it mess up physic powers. Other than that I loved it ,I'm a big fan of the books

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