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    "alternate" space marine rules ;)

    Me n a friend were messing around one night, making up rules as we went, we were playing on asmall table, about 3x3 feet. and had big armies (mostly proxies of varius sorts, like bottle caps) and we found it too unwieldy to use the normal rules.

    Designed for Marine vs Marine “mosh pit� battles on small tables that are played for fun instead of competition.

    Modify all units/rules/powers as detailed below for a much more entertaining experience. Its not very balanced but then its not supposed to be!:yes:

    Drop pods:

    All drop pods get a deathwind launcher for free.

    Drop pods roll 1d6X2 for scatter distance. Dreadnought drop pods MUST scatter.
    Tape a blast marker under the drop pod then place as normal, if the pod scatters on top of infantry (enemy or friendly doesnt matter) any models completetly covered are squashed flat on a +5, anyone not squashed and models partially under the blast marker take a S7 wound if they do not roll equal or under their initiative on a d6 with no saves allowed. Any models not killed are pushed aside the minimum amount to make room for the disembarking models.

    If the drop pod lands on a vehicle then place the drop pod beside the vehicle and both take a glancing hit. In addition, both vehicles (and any passengers) count as being hit with a thunder hammer. If the drop pod lands dead center ish on top of a vehicle, then that vehicle takes a penetrating hit and is stunned (even if it has extra armour), the drop pod is destroyed, and all passengers from the drop pod are scattered in all directions d6 inches (roll for each one) of where the drop pod hit. Dreadnought drop pods work the same way but if it hits a vehicle then the dread takes a glancing hit and suffers crew stunned.

    Rule changes:
    Rapid fire weapons can fire 3 shots if stationary, 2 shots when moving up to 12 inches, and can increase range by 6 inches but have to fire as Heavy 1.
    Assault weapons can be fired out of vehicles regardless of how far the vehicle has moved.
    Heavy weapons can move and fire up to 6 inches, but have -1 BS unless they remain stationary.
    Weapons that “get hot� no longer damage the user on a roll of 1 but simply fail to fire properly and the inaccurate shot counts as BS1.
    Weapon fire that exceeds maximum range by 3 inches will only hit on a D6 roll of 3+, each further increment of 3 inches increases the difficulty of the roll, 6� over max will only hit on a +4 and so forth up to12� over max range. This roll happens before any BS checks right after you check for range.

    Changes to the armoury and weapons:

    All infantry carried multi-meltas now “get hot�
    Assault cannons can be fired as heavy 6 but lose the rending rule from the reduced accuracy. Terminators firing the cannon this way have to stay stationary.
    Autocannons are now Heavy 3 and can fire 12� over maximum range normally as heavy 1, but must have a friendly unit within 12 inches of the target to spot for them, this method ignores line of sight.
    Weapons that “get hot� only have to make one check for overheating even when firing multiple shots.
    Chainfists and powerfists can be "turned off" making attacks with them +2str and normal initiative.
    All normal power weapons have +1 to armour penetration rolls vs vehicles. (stacks with tank hunters)
    Storm shield +4inv saves can be used against ranged attacks on a dice roll of 6.
    Combi-plasma guns can fire 2 plasma shots per game instead of 1 (so you can rapid fire with it once) and do not overheat.
    Articifer armour has a +6inv save that stacks with any one other invulnerable save. (so you could use it if your combat shield fails)
    Any model wearing terminator armour may move an additional 2 inches in the movement phase but may not fire any weapons in the next shooting phase.
    Any model wearing terminator armour counts a storm bolter as a one handed weapon.
    Any model that can get equipment from the armoury can take 2 one handed weapons and fire them twin linked. Or can fire both seperatly at –2 WS. If the get hot rule applies resolve it seperatly for each weapon. They do count as having 2 CCWs.

    Librarian powers:
    Storm of the emporers wrath: Can be used to electrify the librarians weapon instead of firing the lightning blast. Any glancing hits on vehicles made by the librarian count as AP1.
    Fury of the ancients: If this power hits a friendly unit in close combat, it dissipates and that model gains +1 initiative in the next assault phase.
    Vortex of doom: IF the librarian rolls a 12 or snake eyes then place the blast marker under him and roll the scatter dice, a second blast marker is placed 2d6 inches away in the direction indicated by the scatter dice, if a short distance is rolled the second blast marker cannot overlap.

    Tactical and scout squads can have up to 12 members instead of 10, tac squads can take 1 heavy and 2 special weapons.

    Rhinos and Razorbacks have front armour 12 instead of 11. Side and rear armour stay the same. On both rhinos and razorbacks side hatches can be used as fire points for 1 model.each Resolve LOS as if the vehicle had sponsons.

    Rhinos can carry a second squad on top of the roof, but if the rhino takes a glancing/penetrating hit to the front armour or is tank shocked all the roof passengers fall off the front and may not do anything until next turn. (place them on their side)

    Otherwise, roof passengers can assault forwards only, no matter how much the rhino has moved. Assault squads with jetpacks charge an extra 2 inches this way.

    Scouts count as being armed with 2 CCWs no matter what equipment they actually have.
    Scouts armed with shotguns can either fire them at str3 ap6 assault 3, or str4 ap3 heavy 1.
    Sniper rifles can be used as rapid fire weapons instead of heavy 1, but will only hit and wound on rolls of 5+
    Sniper rifles are AP4 instead of AP6

    Terminators that have not personally moved at all may fire thier storm bolters 3 times instead of 2.
    Assault terminators get the furious charge skill for free unless they already have it.

    Any model wounded by a dreadnought takes an extra str 6 that does not ignore armour on a roll of 5+. This represents the dread stomping on the unfortunate sucker.

    Dreadnoughts can also swap 2 of thier attacks for a chance to pick up one enemy in base contact and crush him. Both players roll a D6, if the player owning the dreadnought rolls higher or ties with the opposing player then the dreadnought loses 2 attacks that round and one model in base contact is picked up and crushed, that model takes 2 wounds (invulnerable saves allowed), if this kills the model then the dread chucks it away in a random direction! Roll the scatter dice, the dead model lands 3d6 inches away in a line pointing the direction indicated by the dice and any one model under that line takes 1 attack with str equal to the dead models toughness.

    Techmarines with a servo harness can execute a tearing atack vs vehicles, they lose all normal attacks and instead make 2 powerfist hits that roll 2d6 for armour penetration.
    The signum lets the squad reroll 3 hits instead of 1.
    The techmarine may fire all personal and suit mounted weaponry at the same time.
    Repairs work on a roll of 4+ instead of a roll of 6.
    Techmarines can have a retinue of up to 6 servitors (2 of which must be tech servitors), gun and combat ones are replaced with Devastator marines (replacing gun servitors) and assault marines w/ power weapons (replacing combat servitors, and they dont get jetpacks) tech servitors remain the same but get a +3 armour save.
    Techmarines can fix immobilization without leaving a transport, he still has to go outside to fix weapons however.
    Any razorbacks and rhinos in an army that includes a techmarine can reroll the dice check for self fixing immobilization.

    Fast attack:
    Assault marine squadrons can have up to 12 members instead of 10.
    Bike squadrons can have 8 members and swap 2 of them for attack bikes.
    Attack bike squadrons can have up to 5 members.
    Land speeders squadrons can have up to 4 vehicles and have front armour 11.

    Any model riding a bike can ram an enemy when assaulting, 1 model in base contact with the biker is thrown back 3 inches and takes a single hit from a thunder hammer (str 8 ). Any model attacking this way loses all normal attacks and must make a roll on 2d6. If ONE of the dice is a 1 then the rider suffers the same effect as whoever they hit but still gets an armour save.

    Any model wearing a jetpack can use grenades (melta/krak) 4 inches away from moving and stationary vehicles/walkers but must make a difficult terrain test. If successful the grenade hits on a +5 but will only explode on a +4 (because it will probably bounce off) if test is failed the grenade misses and nothing happens.

    Typhoon missile launchers can be fired as heavy 2 but lose twin linked.

    Heavy support:
    Devastator squads can have up to 5 heavy weapons and every dev squad sergeant gets a free storm bolter.
    All devastator marines get the tank hunters skill for free.

    Predators/Vindicators/Whirlwinds that have not moved or fired any weapons for one turn gain +1 frontal armour untill they move again. (but they may rotate up to 90 degrees every movement phase)

    Predators and vindicators have 12 side armour.

    Vindicators can fire a mega shrapnel canister instead of a demolisher shell. Roll a D6, if the roll is 2+ then the vindicator suffers “crew shaken� and place the flamer template up to 12 inches away from the vindicator (LOS rules apply) measuring from the cannon to the narrow tip of the template. Roll for scatter as normal but round odd numbers up then divide by 2 (so max scatter is 3�). If it scatters wherever the template lands the narrow end must be pointing directly back at the cannon. The stats of the shrapnel canister are STR6 AP3 ordnance.. Normal to-hit rules for template weapons apply but any model fully covered by the template takes 2 hits.

    If the first dice roll was a 1, then the vindicator is stunned and the template is placed so that the narrow end is touching the tank, just like a flamer so make sure nothing friendly is standing out front!

    Land raiders don’t count as dedicated transports even when taken as such.
    All land raider variants and the classic version get power of the machine spirit for free.
    4 Passengers wearing power/carapace armour or 3 terminators may fire out the front of a land raider in the shooting phase if the land raider moves up to 6 inches or less.

    Whirlwinds with vengeance missiles get 2 hunter killer missiles for free, ones carrying castellan missiles get 3.

    Any model under a castellan missile template is hit on the head by a mine on a roll of 5+. Vehicles are hit on the side armour.

    Sure it’s a complicated mess, but NOTHING beats the look on your opponents face when your dreadnought drops in and flattens his chaplain ^ ^

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    Well it works if both players are playing Marines, what about other races who have to face a Marine army that is stronger in every way?

    Don't get me wrong I'm a Warhammer girl who likes things complex, but not at the expense of game ballance.

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    OK i understand the change of some rules, but that many changes is like learning a new black book!!!

    House rules can make for fun games, but the amount of rules you guys changed, would have any other player's head spinning, as for the most part they are an extension of existing rules, or swapping of rules.

    I do like the drop pod rules though, far more believable.
    Space Wolves are badasses that operate just barely within the rules.
    13th Co. didn't even know there were rules applying to how badass they could be.

    ... and Daemonhunters make it three - now just need a spare room to store it all!!!

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    the reason me n my friend made this up was because we know a lot of other people who come over and try out warhammer for a bit (only models we have are space marines) and once they become a bit familiar with 4th edition rules they sorta feel its a bit restrictive and dull. So we changed around the rules a crapload so all the "un-fun" sort of bits are edited out. Like how footslogging assault termies are pretty much free points. And how techmarines rather suck more then they should.

    So if the standard rules get boring give this a try

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