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Thread: 4-way battle.

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    4-way battle.

    I think I'll abandon my previous thread in rules help, as I think my friends and I may have reasoned out some decent rules for games with more than 2 sides.

    I would like to thank Grey for giving me a good start with the rules examples he posted...

    Shooting Phase

    Shooting is handled just like normal except for the following:

    You may shoot at units that are locked in assault, provided none of your units are locked in the same assault.

    all hits by each different weapon are divided evenly between the locked units, randomizing any of the remainder. For example, if 2 heavy bolters and 3 boltguns fire at 2 enemy squads locked in close combat, the firing player rolls 6 dice to hit with the heavy bolters and 6 dice to hit with the boltguns (assuming they are within 12") say 4 heavy bolter shots hit and 3 boltgun shots hit. Each of your opponents squads would take 2 heavy bolter shots and 2 boltgun shots. The remaining boltgun shot would go to opponent A on a roll of 1, 2, or 3, and to opponent B on a roll of 4, 5, or 6. If there were three squads in the assault being firead at with the same number of hits, then each of the three squads would take 1 heavy bolter shot and 1 boltgun shot with the remaining heavy bolter shot hitting opponent A on a 1 or 2, opponent B on a 3 or 4, and opponent C on a 5 or 6. Which numbers are assigned to which actual player is determined and rolled by the firing player.

    In the case of blast weapons, the firer rolls to hit as normal and then can place the blast marker just as they would in a normal game. If the blast marker happens to be over models from more than one squad, then it will score coresponding hits on each of those squads.

    Template weapons are treated the same way, except that you don't have to roll to hit (naturally).

    Any model locked in close combat gains a 5+ cover save.

    Assault Phase

    Now the tricky part...

    At the begining of the assault phase, any units that were previously locked, that have now been taken out of BTB due to shooting casualties ar no longer considered locked.

    When you charge you may only assign your attacks to the unit you are charging.

    On your turn, if you are part of an existing close combat, you may assign your attacks against any unit you are in BTB (or 2" equivelant) with.

    On any of your opponents turns, you may only assign your units attacks against that opponents units that are assigning attacks to your unit (I realise that was worded badly). As normal, a player cannot refuse to assign CC attacks.

    For example, players A, B, and C each have a unit locked in the same combat. All three units are in BTB with the other two with at least one model. On player A's turn, Player A may assign his models attacks to Players B & C as normal, or B or C exclusively if all attacks can be legally assigned to one or the other. If assigned to both, then both opponents would be able to retaliate, if assigned to only one, then only that unit would be able to retaliate.

    So that's what we have so far. Please feel free to poke holes in anything you see, or present situations we haven't thought of yet. We haven't yet thrown models at each other to test any of these so, please let me know what you may have tried.


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    Sounds good, I like the cover save for being in combat.
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