Space Marine Back Banners: while iconic of marines, still there's no good reason to have them, save for style.

Here is a house-rule addition to Codex: Space Marines, and also to all sub-codices and loyalist stand-alone codices. (As if Marines don't have enough goodies and support. :rolleyes: )


Back Banner ............ 10/5

Many Space Marine sergeants and captains lead their troops into battle under a myriad of banners, many back-pack mounted. They serve as not only a physical representation of the marine's personal history, family, and honours, but they also aid in the coordination of troops in the maelstorm of battle, and a reassurance that their leader still lives.

This upgrade is not available to models with jump packs. Only sergeants and independant characters with access to the armoury may take a back banner. Any unit that is joined or lead by the character makes all leadership and morale checks on 3D6, taking the two more favourable dice as the test result. Note that this does not stack with a Chapter Banner or Company banner, but the Rites of Battle special rule may still be used. As with all wargear (except grenades), this upgrade MUST be modelled on the character.
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