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    Questions About Ordenance

    I have a few questions about ordenance weapons and I will list the below with numbers, as it is not a real discussion but more of a clearification for me and other n00bs:

    1 Why is it called Ordenance/Blast? Am I to use the smaller blast template at any given time?
    2 Is there anything about anyone not directly under the hole will only take half S?
    3 Is there any cover save for Ordenance weapons?
    4 is a monolith able to use Particle Whip and teleport/disembark a warrior unit in the same turn?
    5 Do I place the template before or after rolling to hit (ie. can you 'guess' to long?)

    Thank you.

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    For future reference, put questions about the rules in the rules help, down by 40k stuff. This section is mainly for people with house rules and things like that.

    1. The small one is called the blast template and the larger, 5" circle is the ordenance blast template. That is just what they call it.

    2. I beleive that is in regards to vehicles, not infantry.

    3. Don't beleive so.

    4. Don't play necrons.

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    There actually is a whole rules question forum. Some mod will probably toss this over there.

    1. Ordanence/large blast denote the large template just blast means the smaller one
    2. There is but it only applies to vehicles
    3. Yes
    4. Maybe I'll check on that later
    5. on guess weapons you don't roll to hit. You roll to scatter. And you don't actually "guess" anymore in 4th ed. You check range and place the template. To counter the advantage that could give they made the scatter roll worse and they don't let you scatter into rear armor anymore.

    On direct fire (like a frag missle) you check range, roll to hit, and then place it).

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