Here is my own lil bit of Urban house rules (and a scenario for them!). I hope they can get all checked out...

"Get to that MG soldier!"

One of two weapons have been left behind by a previous battle, and the squads running through the city may just find some use of them....

During the setup phase, place up to 3 of your choice of heavy weaponry (listed below) to possibly aid you or your opponent in the battle. They setup at least 6" from the opposing deployment zone. They may be fired at if a squad is manning the weaponry, and if so, ignore glancing hits, but are automatically destroyed on penetrating against AP 11.

Autocannon (see stats in Imperial Guard Codex) 10 points

Heavy Bolter (see stats in Imperial Guard Codex) 5 points

"Get out of this building, on the double!"

Tanks and large creatures are able to topple buildings that may hinder their passage, or are providing cover for an opposing force. They may use their heavy weaponry to dispatch of them, or simply topple them over with force.

Any vehicle considered as a "tank/Tyranid Monstrous Creature" may do one of the following to destroy a structure.

1:They may attempt to destroy it by shooting at it with weaponry. If so, roll to hit as normal, but for armour penetration roll against an AP15. On a glancing hit, the shot shook the foundations and shattered a floor. The top floor now counts as impassible terrain (so units cannot access it). If it has more than one floor, then destroy the top floor, and on the next glancing hit destroy the floor directly under it, and so on. All models on the floor destroyed take a wound on a 4+, armour saves allowed, and are placed on the floor directly under them. On a penetrating hit, roll for a result.

5+:The building topples over, and is destroyed, along with being replaced by rubble counting as difficult terrain. All models inside are destroyed, no armour saves allowed.

Any other result has the building shaken with some rubble and shrapnel falling off. All models inside take a wound on a 4+, armour saves allowed.

2:The tank/TMC may run over the structure, and so if it is taller than the structure, it automatically destroys it. The models inside are considered under "Tank Shock" if the tank/TMC continues its move, if not, than the models take a wound on 5+, armour saves allowed. If the tank/TMC is not as tall as the structure, than nothing happens.


"Level the City..."

Attacker Army Selection Choices

Max 1 HQ, none required
Max 3 Elites, none required
Max 5 Troops, one required
Max 1 Fast Attack, none required
Max 5 Heavy Support, two required

Defender Army Selection Choices (regular chart)

The attacking forces wish to level a city that may be no use to them anymore, may contain heretics, or they just may be evil enough to kill many innocents. They will want to destroy at least 3/4 of the buildings (play with at least a good amount for this). The defenders want to stop the forces from performing such a task.


1) The attackers choose a table edge, and setup within 12" of the edge, and the defenders do the same on the opposite edge.

2)Roll for who chooses who goes first.

Objective: Destroy the Objective Urban Locale

The attackers need to destroy using any method 3/4 of the buildings that start out at the beginning of the game by the end of 6 turns.

The defenders need to stop the attacking forces at any cost.

For Omega level games each building destroyed counts as 150 points for the attackers, and each building still standing at the end of 6 turns counts as 175 points for the defenders, along with the rest of the models standing/killed/wounded for each side.

Special Rules


Gamma:Infiltration, Deep Strike, Dusk and Dawn, Reserves

Omega:Infiltration, Deep Strike, Dusk and Dawn, Reserves, Escalation, Night Fight, Victory Points

Game Length

6 Turns

Note:The first house rule is designed for having at least one person in the gaming group with an Imperial Guard Force.