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    Seperate Chaos Codecies

    If the Chaos Codex was broken down into seperate codecies(ive heard rumours it may happen), much like SM has Space Wolves, Dark Angels etc, what would you like to see? Rule changes, new units etc?

    For Khorne i'd like to see-

    Assault Terminators - Similar to space marine ones, but more painful
    CC Based Defilers - Well pretty simple really, also i think defilers should be made to be like Wraithlords in the sense they have toughness and wounds
    Higher Initiative on Bloodthirster - Considering its one of the main minions of Khorne, its initiative is pretty poor
    Different levels of blood frenzy - You automatically blood frenzy, however, depending on what you roll on D6, depends on what happens. E.g. on a 1 the unit fight amongest themselves and you have to make D6 armour saves, then on a 6 you say move extra inches however much plus a 12" charge range or something.

    So what ideas do you have?

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    Have one for Daemons in general, then have all the Daemons that are iconic (like Bloodthirsters to Khorne) to representative codicies, and then one for Khorne, Nurgle, Slannesh, and Tzeentch (did I spell that right?), as well as one for Undivided. Much like the chapters, they could have a color guide for undivided. (I'm an Iron Warrior fan myself)

    And a new unit:
    Chaos Construct

    Basically, it would be a ravening mass of hateful, spiteful energy. It would be cool to see the conversions.:yes:
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