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Thread: Codex: Xoriat

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    Codex: Xoriat

    As you may know, I am part of the team that produced Codex: Necromancers and is/was working on Codex: Wasters. However, the other members of the team have been out of contact with me and Phalanx for a while. Discovering a mutual interest in the 1980's cartoon series; "Transformers", we decided to attempt designing a Codex based on these transformable robots. Codex: Xoriat (the name was chosen at random and will most likely be replaced when we come up with something better) is the result. Below is what we have managed to develop so far: we need outside input to make this codex work, so if you like 40K and Transformers, please step forward- we don't bite!

    Conceptual Fluff:
    In the distant time known only as the Dark Age of Technology, when Warp-Travel was a phenomena only just beginning to be unravelled, humanity produced a species of humanoid machine, possessing their own intelligence, which they intended to use to explore the vast gulf beyond the edge of the galaxy. These Xoriat, as they came to be called, where loaded into vast ships and launched into the depths of space, a journey that would take countless millennia Whilst the Xoriat undertook their journey, humanity rose and fell, the Dark Age of Technology giving way to the Time of the Emperor, which ended with the Horus Heresy. Through countless wars, the Xoriat travelled on, ignorant of what was happening to their former masters.

    But a time came when they tired of their endless mission, a time when their oldest and wisest began to decide it was time to return to their masters and report on what they had found. Not all agree, but in drips and drabbles the Xoriat are slowly returning to the Imperium of Man. And they do not like what they have found.

    Army List:
    Headquarters: 0-1 War-Leader, Subordinate
    Elites: Veterans, Ferals
    Troops: Warriors, Rookies
    Fast Attack: Blitzers, Dreadwings, Starfires
    Heavy Support: Heavy Gunners, Tanks, Combiners

    Army Special Rules:Transformation: the Xoriat’s most distinguishing feature is their ability to shapeshift between a humanoid form and a form reminiscent of a vehicle, an ability they can activate at will and which they use to great effectiveness in combat.

    Xoriat gain a special phase at the beginning of each Xoriat turn, prior to the Movement Phase. This is the “Transformation Phase”. You may select any Xoriat unit you desire, and as many as you desire, and state that they have transformed; either into their alt-form or back into their true form. Each Xoriat unit can be transformed back and forth as many times as you wish throughout the battle, but an individual unit can only be transformed once per Xoriat turn.

    Alt-Form: each Xoriat possesses a single alternate mode in addition to their humanoid form. When transformed into their Alt-Form, Xoriats have their Strength and Toughness scores altered to the numbers listed for that form, as well as gaining any special movement traits and special attacks listed for that form.

    Transformed Charge: Xoriats cannot make their normal attacks whilst in their alternate form. Instead, when they first make contact with an enemy unit whilst in their Alt-Forms, that enemy unit takes 1 hit per Xoriat in the contacting unit, made with the strength listed for that Alt-Form. At the start of the next Xoriat turn, a transformed Xoriat unit in base contact with an enemy unit may transform back into their humanoid form and fight normally, but if they do not then the enemy unit they are in contact with cannot be attacked.

    Unit Profiles:
    A War-Leader is the ultimate commander of a Xoriat force, generally a veteran warrior with experience that may well go back to the Dark Age of Technology. Towering figures who visibly command respect, they radiate power and the chill weight of time like an ethereal glow.

    War-Leaders are the rarest and most powerful –socially speaking- of all Xoriat. But not all Node-Ships have them, and not all conflicts are worthy of their attention. In this case, a loyal Subordinate takes charge of the Xoriat forces.

    "Veteran” is term that is truly different for Xoriat, where even a basic warrior can have centuries of battle experience. Xoriat Veterans are iron-hided warriors with almost unshakable nerves, who have fought over every form of battlefield imaginable and faced foes beyond counting.
    Special Rules:
    Unshakable: Xoriat Veterans are immune to Leadership changes, regardless of the source, and are Fearless.

    Ferals are a truly strange breed amongst the Xoriat. Unlike their brethren, who are capable of assuming the form of vehicles, Ferals posses alternate forms that resemble mechanical mimicries of various forms of monstrous animals, some resembling creatures from Terra’s primordial age, others undoubtedly styled after alien monstrosities. Ferals are characterized by being somewhat simplistic, ruled mostly by emotional whims and savage instincts, but they are truly deadly upon the battlefield.
    Special Rules:
    Alt-Form Fighters: Ferals may make their usual number of attacks whilst in their Alt-Form. This is an exception to the normal rules.
    Crude Brains: Ferals, in either form, aren’t the brightest of Xoriat. As a consequence, each unit must make a Leadership test at the start of the Xoriat turn; failure means that they do not transform that turn and that they move a random distance in a random direction; roll a Scatter dice to see where they go and how far they go.

    The Warriors are the backbone of the Xoriat forces, mechanical marvels who use the combination of their inhuman natures, ability to change shapes and their vast fighting experience to defeat their foes.

    Rookies are the underdogs of Xoriat forces; newly built or simply less experienced in combat than true Warriors.

    Blitzers:Blitzers possess alternate forms styled after fast-moving ground vehicles, and inflicted with a psychological need for speed that makes them expert hit and runners, blasting across the battlefield at lightning speeds to attack before racing away even faster than before.

    In comparison to the manic hyperactiveness of Blitzers, Dreadwings are calm, cool and collected. These aerial warriors use the flight granted by their alternate form to soar above the battlefield and rain death down upon the foe.

    Starfires are the next step up from Dreadwings; while Dreadwings fly through the air, Starfires are capable of travelling through space. Silently they observe the battlefield from orbit, waiting for just the right moment to descend to the surface to add their armoured might to that of their “groundling” brethren.

    Heavy Gunners:
    Stoic and dependable, these Xoriat use their alternate forms of artillery pieces to launch high-tech death at the enemy from across the battlefield, reverting to their true form only to manoeuvre themselves into a better position or to fight off an enemy unit that has weathered the deadly rain and made it within striking distance of the Heavy Gunners.

    Tank by name, Tank by nature, these massive and heavily armoured Xoriat use their devastating strength to crush their foes in melee, and their tank-like alt-forms enable them to counter any form of enemy machinery.

    Combiners are perhaps the rarest and most devastating of all Xoriat. Rather than transforming into alternate forms, these elite teams are capable of physically and mentally merging themselves into one giant robot. Though these towering behemoths are mighty, a single mind born from the union of several is not a sterling example of sanity, and thus these creatures can be unstable.
    Special Rules:
    Singular Entity: a Combiner unit in Alt-Form does not use the “Transformed Charge” rule, instead fighting as normal with an amount of Attacks dictated by the form. In addition, a Combiner in Alt-Form changes its Leadership to the indicated total.
    Component Units: when a Combiner unit transforms into is Alt-Form, it become a Monstrous Creature with a number of Wounds identical to the total of its models’ Wounds. This is an exception to the normal “no Wounds alteration” rule of Transformation. Keep track of how many wounds the Combiner suffers in its Alt-Form; should the Combiner revert to normal form, these wounds must then be divided amongst the unit models.
    Unstable: a Combiner’s mind in Alt-Form is a gestalt formed from the conglomeration of its component individuals. This is, naturally, an extremely delicate and vulnerable matter, and Combiners do not react well to additional stress being placed on this network. If a Combiner in Alt-Form is forced to make a Leadership test and fail, instead of the normal reaction you must roll on the special table below.

    1: You All Enemy!
    The Combiner’s delicate brain circuitry is overloaded- it goes completely berserk! The Combiner immediately attacks the closest unit within 12”, friend or foe, and continues to do so in each and every subsequent round. If there are no units in range, the Combiner moves a random amount in a random direction; roll a Scatter dice to find out how much a Combiner moves and where it moves. A Combiner suffering from this effect is referred to as “Rampaging”. A Rampaging Combiner may be attacked by its own side- if brought down by its allies it is taken out of the game, but no victory points are awarded to the enemy for it; the creature has presumably been disabled by its comrades and will be taken from the battlefield and repaired.

    2: Traitors!
    The Combiner suffers a temporary imbalance of its synaptic charges, causing it to confuse the identities of allies and assailants. During the next enemy turn, the Combiner moves and fights as though part of the enemy army.

    3: Which Way We Go?
    The Combiner becomes disorientated; during the next Xoriat phase it moves a random amount in a random direction- roll a Scatter dice to determine.

    4: Me Head Hurts…
    The Combiner’s component minds are shaken, beginning a pointless argument that distracts them from controlling. The Combiner does nothing during the next turn; it cannot move and cannot fight back if attacked.

    5: We Angry!
    The Combiner becomes completely infuriated; during the Movement Phase of the next Xoriat turn it must move towards the nearest enemy unit in Line of Sight, counting as having made a successful charge if it makes contact

    6: Rage is Strength![
    The Combiner’s shaken circuitry has had an unexpected, beneficial effect, shaking damaged power conduits back into place or activating an untapped energy reserve. The Combiner regains one previously lost Wound. If already at full Wounds, the Combiner instead gains +1 Strength for the remaining duration of the game.

    Transformation Categories:
    Fast Vehicle: Move as bikes, charge at +1 s
    Large Vehicle: +2 s when charging, ignore saves
    Ground Animal: Beast
    Flying Vehicle: When activating fly mode, the unit is put into reserve. It may deepstrike.
    Air Animal: Jump pack
    Combat Vehicle: Bigger guns in alt, better armor
    Light Vehicle: Move as bikes

    Basic Profile:
    Ws: 4
    Bs: 4
    S: 4
    T: 4
    W: 1
    I: 4
    A: 1
    Ld: 8
    Sv: 4+

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