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    Codex: The Beast (40k)

    This is an experimental team made up by myself & my friend, the White Crow.
    Those of you who've played Homeworld: Cataclysm will know what the Beast is, the rest will have to go along with it.

    The Beast: Special rules.
    They're coming through the hull!: Each Beast unit is affected by this rule. When in base-to-base contact with an enemy land-based vehicle, a unit under this effect MUST throw itself at said vehicle. This counts as attacking with a special Meltabomb in close combat, with all the normal roll results needed. Each roll may be re-rolled in this sequence. If the vehicle is considered destroyed from the result, the owning player may choose to leave it destroyed, or take control of it for the rest of the game. Beast units may do this to other vehicles if they assault charge (or Tank shock as the case may be). Even if the 1st strike succeeds, the whole strain is removed from play and counts as being destroyed.
    The special property to this meltabomb is that the S value of the attack is based on the attacker's S value or front armour.

    We will always be: Beast infantry units are all under the effects of Stubborn. Also, they treat all Ld tests as in close combat. So when forced to take a Ld test & fail, a Beast strain will take additional wounds counted by the degree they failed. No negative or positive Ld modifyers ever take effect on Beast units.

    Spawned from the warp: Psychic attacks (including perils of the warp) instantly kill all Beast units affected by them (except the Overself or Golgothums). They also all suffer from the weak against templates rule.

    Preferred enemy: you: Beast units are always under the effects of Preferred enemy.

    The Beast: Psychic powers.
    Roooaaaaarr: Every unit in the enemy side must take a Ld test, starting with the nearest unit. If it passes, move to the next nearest. Keep this going until an enemy fails. That unit, as well as every unit closer to the caster that it, must fall back. This is used in the assault phase instead of assaulting.

    Feed us: Used in the assault phase during a charge. The caster & it's unit detonate onto the charged enemy, forcing a Ld test at -2Ld. If the test is failed, both involved units become Drone/selfs equal in quantity to their own combined number. No more than 2 of the defending units may be taken for each unit in the caster's strain. If any enemies are left, they must fight in close combat as if they were in the 2nd round.
    If the defending unit is utterly consumed all allied units within 6" must take a Ld test with a -2 modifier.

    Self mind wanders: Used in the movement phase instead of doing anything else with the caster. You may move the caster 2D6 for every psychic test you take, of which there is no limit. When you're happy with your position, place a marker in that location. Both the Model & the marker are treated as the same unit and any damage done to one will effect both. But, both are augmented with a temporary 4+ save against everything. Neither the model nor the marker may attack, move, shoot, or act in any way until the caster's next turn, where it takes the marker's place and actrs as normal for the rest of the game.

    Parts will join us: Used in the shooting phase instead of firing a weapon. The targeted unit is hit with the following profile:R18", S5, AP1, Heavy 4, Blast.
    If more than 3 wounds are taken, place an ordinance marker in base-to-base contact with the caster. Any Beast unit may now teleport to this area as if teleported by a monolith for the rest of this turn.

    The Beast: Armoury.
    One-handed weapons
    Close combat weapon - 1pts
    Microself womb - 1pt
    Writhing tendrils - 15pts
    Bioself womb - 10pts
    Grandself maw (multiwound units only) - 35pts
    Self bulk - 15pts
    Overself Shockwave (Overself only) - 0pts.

    Two-handed weapons
    Regurgitator - 15pts
    Fugue pike (multiwound units only)- 35pts
    Toxic tentacles - 10pts
    Pressured weals - 20pts
    Microself incubator (multiwound units only) - 5pts

    Part part part - 10pts
    Spreadself core - 3pts
    Self constitution - 10pts
    Greatself form - 20pts
    Sinews - 15pts
    Microself parasites - 5pts
    Congested Gaglion (ICs only)- 20pts
    Linked selves - 25pts
    Self chitin - 20pts

    Units may take up to 3 hands worth of weaponry. No more than one instance of each item.

    Weapon profiles
    Microself womb - R-12", S-3, AP-3, Assault 1
    Microself incubator - R-12", S-3, AP-3, Assault 3
    Bioself womb - R-18", S-5, AP-1, Assault 1
    Regurgitator - R-Template, S-7, AP--, Assault 1
    Fugue pike - R-36", S-7, AP-1, Heavy 1
    Overself shockwave - R-18", S-10, AP-6, Assault 1, Ordnance, Blast

    Bioself womb. Like the microself womb, but instead of launching a small, short-lived pellet of Beast matter, it throws a pulsing paramecium-like organsm onto the target. Once it lands on warm matter, it begins to feed porously until it can't hold any more and bursts. This usually happens when it's well & truly deep within the new host. Any unot wounded by this takes 2 wounds instead of 1.

    Regurgitator. A massive acidic set of biomass is gushed out from an orifice. The 'regurgitated' munition is still a part of the self that fired it, & it begins to feed, but can only feed on living tissue with any great results. Units that fired a Regurgitator cannot assault that turn.

    Fugue Pike. A horrible large horn that protrudes from the self. When fired, the 1st model wounded or damaged in the targeted unit spreads the attack on to the nearest & largest unit on the same team. This jump reduces the Strength of the attack by the number of wounds it had. Any unit killed by the Fugue pike becomes as many Drone/selfs as there were wounds in that unit's profile (or crew in the case of vehicles).

    Writhing Tendrils. Many whipping lashes of fleshy matter stick out of the self. In close combat, selfs with this weapon may re-roll to wound as well as any effects they may also possess. Counts as a close combat weapon.

    Grandself Maw. Acts as a force weapon.

    Self Bulk. Adds +1S to the carrying self. Also gives a 5+ Invulnerable save.

    Toxic Tentacles. Acts as a Power weapon.

    Pressured Weals. Acts as a Powerfist.

    Linked Selves. A self with this upgrade is linked with the others of its strain. Any self in the same strain may attack any enemy unit in an assault. As long as at least one other self can attack it, & at least one self in the strain has this upgrade.

    Part part part. The self still has some vestiges of a previous incarnation showing. This adds more hesitance in the ranks of the enemy. Halves enemy WS & I values.

    Spreadself core. Any unit that kills this self must place a blast marker on itself. He & EVERYTHING else touched by this take a wound. Any unit killed by this (including selfs) becomes a drone/self.

    Self constitution. Gives +1A & +1I to the self.

    Greatself form. Gives +1W to the self, making it count as a Multiwound unit if not before.

    Sinews. The strain with this upgrade can charge 12" in assault.

    Microself parasites. Count as Frag grenades.

    Congested Gaglion. Allows a Self to take one extra psychic ability for free.

    Self chitin. Adds +1Sv, making a 6+ into a 5+ & so on.

    The Beast: Unit entries.
    0-1 Overself.
    Pts-350, WS-1, BS-3, S-10, T-8, I-2, W-5, A-5, Ld-10, Sv-3+.
    Equipped with Overself Shockwave. May take 100pts of upgrades from the armoury at will.
    SLOW: The Overself moves 2D3".
    GAGLION: The overmind may take a psychic ability from the following list at the price specified: Roooaaaaarr - 20pts, Parts will join us - 20pts, Self mind wanders - 15pts, Feed us - 10pts.
    INDEPENDANT: The Overself must operate independantly.
    MONSTEROUS CREATURE: The Overself is a Monsterous creature.
    INSULATION: The Overself doesn't instantly die from psychic attacks.

    Pts-100, WS-1, BS-3, S-6, T-4, I-2, W-2, A-3, Ld-10, Sv-4+.
    Equipped with Fugue spike & Microself incubator. May select 70pts of upgrades from the armoury.
    INDEPENDANT: Golgothums are independant characters.
    FLEET: Golgothums are fleet.

    0-2 Spore vectors
    Pts-45, WS-1, BS-0, S-10, T-5, I-10, W-1, A-1, Ld-8, Sv-5+.
    Number/strain: 3-7.
    Equipped with Toxic tentacles & spreadself core.
    LIVING BOMBS: If a Spore vector dies in close combat, it releases 2 Drone/selfs.
    FLOATING: Spore vectors count as Jump Infantry. They may alternatively be taken as Fast attack instead of Elites.

    Highself strain
    Pts-25, WS-1, BS-3, S-4, T-4, I-5, W-2, A-2, Ld-9, Sv-4+.
    Number/strain: 2-5
    Highselves may take 50pts of upgrades from the armoury.

    pts-50, WS-1, BS-0, S-3, T-4, I-5, W-3, A-3, Ld-10, Sv-6+.
    Equipped with Writhing tendrils & Toxic Tentacles.
    May replace its Toxic Tentacles with a Grandself maw for +10pts. May select one of the following upgrades at the prices listed: Spreadself core, Self constitution.
    VORACIOUS: The Eater is in such a frenzy to devour that it literally tears through any obstacle in it's way to feed. It has the Scouts & Move through Cover skills.

    Self strain
    Pts-10, WS-1, BS-2, S-3, T-4, I-2, W-1, A-1, Ld-7, Sv-5+.
    Number/strain: 10-30
    Equipped with Microself womb.
    2 Selves for every 5 may upgrade to having Writhing Tentacles and/or Bioself womb (replaces their Microself womb) for +5pts each. The strain may choose to have Microself parasites for +1pt each.
    FLEET: Self Strains are fleet.

    Drone/self strain
    Pts-5, WS-1, BS-0, S-3, T-4, I-2, W-1, A-1, Ld-7, Sv--.
    Number/strain: 1-50
    Equipped with 1 Close combat weapon & Microself parasites.
    MINDLESS HUNGER: Automatically moves as fast as possible to the nearest enemy. Must assault if possible. Never takes Ld tests.
    BEASTS: Drone/selfs are beasts.
    ERRATIC GROUPING: Drones may join or leave strains of their own kind at any time normally allowed.

    Fresh self strain
    Pts-16, WS-1, BS-X, S-X, T-4, I-X, W-1, A-X+1, Ld-X+1, Sv-X.
    Number/strain: 5-15
    Equipped with Part part part & Close combat weapon.
    RECENT ASSIMILATION: The stat values noted with an 'X' are affected by this ability. Take any Troops choice from any other Codex & substitute 'X' for the value listed in that unit, then lower the value by 1. EG: Marine Fresh Self = BS-3, I-3, A-1, Ld-8 Sv-4+. This may be done on an individual level, but no more than 2 different units may be chosen.
    MIXED ARMOUR: This unit may have multiple armour save values, so the rule for Mixed saves applies here.

    Swarmer self strain
    Pts-20, WS-1, BS-2, S-3, T-4, I-2, W-1, A-1, Ld-7, Sv-5+.
    Number/strain: 5-15
    Equipped with Sinews, Writhing Tentacles, & Linked selves. Up to 3 models may take either Toxic tentacles for +10pts or Pressured weals for +15pts. Another 2 may take 60pts of upgrades from the armoury between them.
    FAST MOVING: Swarmer selfs are fastidious & tenacious beyond comprehension. They can move 12" in the movement phase & have Fleet.
    INFILTRATE: Swarmer strains may infiltrate if the mission allows.

    0-1 Boiler sac
    Pts-35, WS-1, BS-0, S-10, T-8, I-1, W-1, A-1, Ld-1, Sv-2+
    Number/strain: 1-4
    Equipped with Pressured Weals.
    PROXY: When an enemy psyker succeeds in using a psychic power on any army with a Boiler sac, that boiler sac may take the effects instead of the original target. Effectively sacrificing itself.
    INDEPENDANT: boiler sacs may deploy independant of each other, but must deploy at the same time.
    DEEP FLOATER: May set up anywhere on the board as long as enemies aren't within 2". The boiler sac also moves D6" in a direction decided by a scatter Die. each turn.
    INCUBATION SAC: When it dies, the Boiler sac explodes into 2 Drone/selfs.

    0-1 Giant Maw
    Pts-200, S-Infinite, Large Blast.
    DEEPSTRIKE: The giant maw will always deepstrike, whether or not the mission allows. The Giant maw may deploy on top of enemy units.
    ABSOLUTE DESTRUCTION: When the giant maw deploys, everything in a large blast marker centred on it is instantly destroyed as it is sucked in. The area then becomes lethal terrain & within 6" is now difficult terrain. All enemy units which are affected by morale must take a test at -3Ld (no other modifiers apply).

    Spreadself strain
    Pts-130, WS-1, BS-5, S-8, T-6, I-3, W-4, A-4, Ld-10, Sv-4+.
    Number-strain: 1 is a strain unto itself.
    Equipped with Fugue spike, Regurgitator, Greatself maw, Microself Incubator, Self constitution, & Spreadself core.
    MONSTEROUS CREATURE: The spreadself is a monsterous creature.
    GAGLION: The overmind may take a psychic ability from the following list at the price specified: Roooaaaaarr - 20pts, Parts will join us - 20pts, Self mind wanders - 15pts, Feed us - 10pts.


    What do you lot think? Any ideas to add, remove, or change?

    Post your army lists in the ARMY LIST section! Not that hard!

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    Looks like some Creature Feature thing with Tyrnaids and some chaos gorechilding going on. Has the flair of Ogre Kingdoms. I kinda like it. I think it needs some more tweaking though.
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    108 (x6)

    Ok. So which parts in particular do you say need changing?

    Watch for developments in the Homeworld adaptation thread.
    Post your army lists in the ARMY LIST section! Not that hard!

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