Hi, I'm new around here (first post). I thought I'd start off with a special character that I've been working on. I'll provide his full name, and a (somewhat) short explanation of it.

Shas'O Sac'ea Y Mont'yr Nan'eldi

For those of you who don't know their Tau, that translates to:

(Fire-caste Commander) (from Sac'ea) (One) (Bloodied) (Swordwing)

Which is shortened to O'Y Mont'yr Nan'eldi. His first two names (and his rank) can be taken as meaning "(The) Lone Bloodied Commander", hence the title. His last given name, Nan'eldi, is what he is more commonly referred to as. So, he is Commander Swordwing.

Quick background: Swordwing has been operating for 23 years, well past the time when he would be allowed to retire. In his years as infantry, he's seen his entire squad wiped out many, many times. Several of his rules are based off this fact, so keep in mind that as you read them.

Commander Swordwing

Profile . Pts/Model. .WS . BS . S . T . W . I . A . Ld . Sv
Swordwing 185 . . . .4 . . .5 . .5 . 4 . .4 . 4 . 4 . 10 . 3+

Special Character: Commander Swordwing is a special character. He may be used in Tau armies of at least 1500 points as an HQ choice. You may not select any additional items from the Armoury. He counts as the 1+ Fire caste Commander the army must take. Note that if you choose Commander Swordwing, no other Tau model may select the same equipment from the Special Issue Wargear list of the Tau Armoury.

Equipment: XV8 Crisis battlesuit, Plasma Rifle, Missile Pod, Shield Generator, Hard-wired Multi-tracker, Ejection system, Stimulant Injector

Unit Type: Jump Infantry (jet pack)

Independent Character: Commander Swordwing is an independent character (see the Warhammer 40,000 rulebook).

Luck of the Fallen: Swordwing is by anyone's standards incredibly lucky. However, that luck doesn't transfer to his allies - many of them die where Swordwing should have. Over the years, Swordwing has taken to operating independently, to spare is comrades his fate. Swordwing may not join allied units as per Independent Character special rules and may never be accompanied by a bodyguard. In addition, if a shooting attack hits Commander Swordwing and there is an allied unit within 6" of him, the shot must be redirected to that unit. The unit the shot is redirected to must be a valid target as per normal shooting rules. If there are multiple allied units within 6" of Swordwing, the owning player decides which unit is hit. In the event of blast, template, and ordinance weapons, determine how many models it covers as usual. Apply the results that would have affected Swordwing to the chosen unit.

The Lone Bloodied Commander: Commander Swording has seen his comrades scythed down by vicious gunfire and slaughtered brutally at the hands of terrifying monstrosities on dozens of occasions. It is near impossible to unnerve him, but by the same virtue, Swordwing knows when it's time to run. When Swordwing takes a Morale, Pinning, or Leadership test, he may add or subtract 2 from the score. In addition, Swordwing benefits from the Hit & Run Universal Special Rule in a close combat initiated by the opposing commander (this means that if Commander Swordwing charges, he does not benefit from Hit & Run). The Hit & Run move must be towards the owning player's table edge.

Improved Comms: Commander Swordwing trains his men extensively in the use of an advanced communication interfaces, allowing him to better instruct his warriors. Any Tau with access to the Tau Infantry Armoury or the Wargear section of the Tau Battlesuit Armoury may purchase an Improved Comms Package at +10 points. This is treated as wargear in all respects (i.e. goes against 100 point limit). Once per player turn, as long as Commander Swordwing is on the table, a Tau unit lead by a character with an Advanced Comms package may add or subtract 1 from the total when they take a Leadership, Morale, or Pinning test. (For instance, a team of Fire Warriors led by a Shas'Ui with an Advanced Comms Package rolls a 9 on their morale check. The player may treat the result as 8, 9, or 10.)

Stunning Reputation: Swordwing has a reputation for not dying, even when he really should. If Swordwing were to be killed, on the following turn all Tau units (not kroot or vespid without the strain leader) have a -1 penalty to their Initiative and Leadership characteristic.

I fear that "The Lone Bloodied Commander" special rule is overpowered for the cost of Swordwing (roughly 30 points for the special rules). I've considered increasing increasing the points, but I am unsure. Any comments?