Huge large-scale scenarios:
Ok, so ive always liked the idea of an epic battle, were two armies throw everything they’ve got at the enemy, with thousands upon thousands of soldiers fighting each other in a desperate attempt to gain victory. However, it would seem that to stage such an epic battle, one would have to have a massive army, and I’m guessing that unfortunately, most of us don’t have 10,000 point armies. On that note, I have created a list of scenarios that will allow you to stage an truly epic battle, without needing to have a huge army. Ive played a game or two using these rules and I have found them to be rather fun.

Special rules for all large-scale game scenarios below:
- Without number:
To represent the insane amount of man power each army has in this sort of legendary scaled battles, every single unit (a few exceptions will be noted later) on each side will benefit from the sustained attack special rule. This means whenever a unit is destroyed, it will come back from the owner’s deployment zone.

However, certain more rare units will not benefit from this, so, the follow units DO NOT REGENERSTE:

-Independent characters with more than two wounds (this is to represent that there may be
Quite a few captains or lieutenants in the army, but there would only be one commander)
-Gargantuan creatures and war machines
-Any unit that MUST deploy through some special method such deep strike or infiltration (e.g. spore sacs, brood nests, lictors, drop pods (although, the troops that used them will come back), daemons, greater daemons ect…)
- Any vehicle with a front armor more than 12(this is so that overpowered vehicles like landraders and monoliths don’t come back, but more fragile vehicles like dreadnought do)
- Any model with an armor save better than 3+(sorry no termies coming back)
- Any sort of special weapons squad (any choice with 2 or more heavy weapons)
- Anything, which is a 0-1 choice for you army (unless you override that rule, like iron warriors being able to take more than one unit of obliterator, even though they are 0-1)
- Any thing that has ordinance.
- Dedicated transports

Scenario 1: total war
This mission is supposed to represent a huge battle where each side is trying to gain as much ground as possible and push the enemy back at all cost. Countless men will charge through no-mans land to reach the enemy lines, and try to push through and cripple the enemy’s defenses. Life is cheap and the generals will expend thousands of lives just to gain a slight foothold against the enemy.

The player with the most scoring units within the enemy’s deployment zone at the end of the battle is the winner. If neither side achieves this, the result is a draw and many thousands of soldiers will have died for nothing.

Mission special rules:
Deep strike
Random game length
Without number (see above)

Each player will deploy up to 15? from the long board edge.

Scenario two: siege
In this scenario, one person is the attacker and one is the defender. The attacker is attempting to break through the enemy lines.

The attacker must get as many units off the defenders board edge as possible (points equal to 25% of his army must break through). The defender must hold out until the end of the game.

Special rules
Deep strike (attacker only, unless defender has units that may always deep strike)
Random game length
Without number

Please submit feedback about what you think about these scenarios and any suggestions on how to improve upon them.