The Emporer's Holy Fist - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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    The Emporer's Holy Fist

    Okay well was just thinking about the Death Korps of Krieg and how they love trench warfare. So I made up there own version of Big Bertha. Basically it is a gigantic gun that if it hits you, you will die, period. Now I didn't come up for a point cost so you guys can give me some estimates but it wouldn't be used in anything less than 2000 at the lowest.

    The Emporer's Holy Fist

    Because of its range the gun is never actually seen on the battlefield, however a team of spotteers must call in targets using the vox. The gun, for game purposes, has unlimited range and can hit any target on the battlefield. However, for it to be even semi-accurate, the spotter team must call in the target for the cannon to train on.

    Spotter Team is commanded by a junior officer. He has a vox caster and a dedicated spotter, if either of these two men die the gun most fire blind (I'll get to that later). The squad also has two other guardsmen in the unit who are armed with lasguns. The spotter has an advanced targeter and a special map to coordinate the guns fireing. The vox caster has a lasgun but may not fire on a turn when he's calling coordinates. The spotter's targeter counts as a heavy weapon, so if the squad moves, the gun fires blind that turn.

    Even though the squad has a vox caster the coordinates must be called into a master vox caster to reach the gun. So if there is none the squad can't do anything and the gun fires blind.

    The gun itself at the beggining of the game is given a table quarter to shoot at. It fires there first turn and any time it fires blind. The targeter must have LOS to the target unit or the gun fires blind. Now onto the two shells the gun can fire.

    Blast Shell: S10 AP2 ordanance barrage, Large Blast template, also if this shell hits a unit it is also affected by the shrapnel which every surviving member of the unit is hit with which is S4 AP- hit. The unit hit by this must also take a fall back and pinning test at -2 leadership, including other modifiers (if the fall back test is failed you don't take the pinning test.) Also any unit within 6 inches of the unit must take a fall back test at +1 leadership, with all other modifiers.( this represents the horror other units feel at seeing the carnage, however, the +1 is to keep it from being too good)

    Heavy Shell: S10 AP1 ordanance barrage, Small Blast template, if this the blast template touches a model it is FULLY affected by the shell no matter what. This includes Vehicles, the shell does not havle its strength if the center hole is not on the vehicle. Also if a model suffers a wound from this shell it automatically dies, period. Even if higher than toughness 6 or immune to instant death. The shell is also so massive, no cover save may be taken against it, invunerable saves may still be taken as normal.

    If the gun fires blind, roll 3d6 and a scatter die. Take the lowest d6 and discard it, move the template the appropriate distance in the direction of the scatter die. (make sure you plot the blind firing point, this is where the template is placed) If a unit is targeted, roll a scatter die, on a hit roll 2d6 and discard the lowest. If a miss is rolled roll 2d6 and scatter that distance. This represents the range the gun has to fire. It can never truely be accurate. The gun can also be targetted on empty space, if so, follow the normal procedures.

    I know its kinda overpowered but its not really meant for any but the biggest battles. Oh and for COD it always counts has having siege shells.

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