The Arco Flatulents - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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    The Arco Flatulents

    Arco-flagellation is a cruel, bitter torture that cruel, bitter inquisitors employ. But more maddening than all other tortures is the process employed by the most sadistic, most radical inquisitors of all time:


    Heretics who go through this terrible transformation are, in many ways, kept docile and clean via the methods employed on arco-flagellants, but when the bonds are released and the chili injectors activate, the arco-flatulent turns into a devestating stink bomber.


    Number/squad: 2-4 Arco-flatulents.

    Weapons: A range of implanted gas ejectors, fart noise makers, Monty Python soundboards and other equally nefarious devices. These all count as power weapons, so long as the enemy has some form of scent.


    Shameless. Arco-flatulents are assumed to pass all Morale checks, even in failure is normally automatic, and cannot be Pinned.

    Aura of Stink. Arco-flatulents are prenaturally fast and, despite all environments and their own speed, an aura of green mist follows them wherever they go, stopping all attacks that would normally cut through their forms. The Arco-Flatulent's armor save is invunerable.

    Dangerous to Smell. Arco-flatulents may not ride in vehicles. For the purposes of mission objectives, Arco-flatulents cannot capture table quarters, capture objectives or count as surviving troops in a Meat Grinder mission. In addition, no other models may ever join a unit of Arco-flagellants, for fear of choking with nausea.

    Implant Injectors: You may activate the Arco-flatulent's chili and beans injectors at the beginning of any of your Movement phases, and the following effects last until the end of the game.

    Once activated, Arco-flatulents are subject to Smelly Rage (see page 67.) However, if the roll for additional movement is a 6, remove an arco-flagellant as a casualty as the chili and beans wreak havoc on their ravaged gluteus maximus.

    In close combat, roll a D6 at the beginning of each Assault phase for each Arco-flatulent to determine the amount of Attacks it may make that phase, in addition to any bonus for assaulting that turn, as well as the power of their... weaponry. Should a 6 be rolled for the number of Attacks, it is removed as a casualty at the end of the Assault phase after resolving its attacks. Casualties removed inthis manner are in addition to any caused by the enemy during the Assault phase, and count towards determining which side won the assault.

    Important Note: Arco-flatulents may only be chosen if a Priest is also part of a force, if the priest is painted hot pink with orange hair, if the table itself is exactly 120" by 12", and then only if your opponent's middle name has four syllables and five vowels.

    Every whisper of the future from the Warp speaks of a hundred battles lost, a thousand lives devoured and a million enemies born. -- Inquisitor Lord Babel

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