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    Codex-Imperial Fists/ thoughts?

    Well i want to put together a IF-codex, i want it to reflect their knack for siege. Now they are very much like the iron wariors in that they have a very similar style of play fluffwise.

    Now i was thinking of giving them an extra heavy support, not access to a basilisk or lemanruss or anything like that. This i believe would give them the siege'esk fell, however Imperial Fists are devout followers of the Codex Astartes and i think the extra Heavy Support would mesh with this feeling after all imperial fists were pretty much all for the new system set up by the Ultramarines Chapter after the horus heresy with a few exceptions here and there and a bit of bitching in the begining.

    Soooooo, what to do what to do...

    Well it kinda hit me, in a way IF's have a special place in thier hearts for Termies. i could go on and on and on about my ponderings on this subject and the iron warriors and imperial fists perfered styles of siege warfare. So let me break down in a hopfully pb&j situation.

    Iron Warriors= Big guns, heavy weapons out the "back" end of a Chaos Spawn! (there more sit there and shoot stuff till is stops moving approach for the most part.)

    Imperial Fists= Blow up a hole in that line/wall and stuff terminators in it!(they let the big guns talk the talk and teminators walk the walk.)

    I mean Lysander lets them use Termies to more of a shock troop effect, with the seemingly more accurate DStrike.

    So im kinda stuck Between a IG garrison and Termie squad with nothing but a angry little flash light. <bad joke>

    Give me some input and suggestions i would love to hear them and would apreciate any thing this community has to say.


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    Well, if you care to look back in the Index Astartes books, specifically IA #2, there is a small thing of special rules that you used to be able to use. True, it isnt along the lines of wat you were thinkin of, but it might give you a bit of insight (maybe not, wat do I know?). But, seeing as how the fists follow the codex astartes pretty well, you wouldnt expect there to be too much of a difference to any other codex chapter. Just my thoughts.

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    Just use the codex..
    Have Lysander as HQ with termie squad
    Have a termie squad or 2, and a dreadnought
    Several Tactical Squads, and possibly a scout squad or 2
    Vindicator for the siege
    Then bring whatever else you like to fill the gaps..

    From the fluff i remember (mostly the inquistion trilogy and space marine (old))
    They like massed bolter fire from their tactical squads and use scouts to infiltrate behind lines to help the main force get close enough to do the sieging
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