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    First Rule "Handicap" and Overwatch (kinda long)

    The first turn advantage just nags at me all the time. If i don't get first turn, i feel jipped and that the enemy has gotten the upperhand. If i get it, then i feel like (if im winning) i've gained an unfair advantage. Some will say that this can be remedied by proper deployment but i dono about that. I mean to a degree it may relieve it a little, sure, but it doesn't make it 100% equal i don't think, not at all.

    And i know this has been brought up before but again this is an attempt to fix and reintroduce overwatch not just to remedy the 1st turn thing but also overall.

    mind you, i'm a fairly new player, and i'm not 100% on what the overwatch rule was, so alot of it is improvisation...

    So, first of all, the person who does not get the first turn gets a shooting phase after the enemy moving phase. And that's that. If that seems extreme, then let me explain my idea for overwatch in general.

    (maybe i should stop calling it overwatch as like i said i'm not 100% sure what overwatch did, afaik, it just let you shoot after the enemy's move before they shoot if you did nothing the last turn. correct me if i'm wrong, and i probably am)

    So, for a unit to have overwatch first of all, perhaps make it madatory you get a veteran/justicar/brother-captain/etc, then it may choose to buy it for 5pts, and 2pts more per ever other model (of course these numbers are subject to balancing). 15 for vehicles maybe. (ditto). in addition, the leader must be positioned in a specific direction, and in order to shoot using overwatch the enemy must enter the leaders field of view (specifically indicated for this purpose as 90 degree arc from front, 180 witin 12 inches), of course counting normal line of sight. In addition, there is a penalty to the stats when shooting with overwatch. First, -1 to BS when rolling to hit (to a minimum of 1). Secondly, the max range allowed is 2/3 the normal max range (rounded up). Lastly, you are allowed to attempt to shoot at units that pass through (but end up leaving) the leaders FOV, but in order to do this, you must pass a leadership test vs their initiative. To calculate for the shooting side, it's Ld + D6, vs for the defending side I + (2xD6). If the leadership score is equal to or higher than the initiative score, they get to shoot, but at a penalty of a further -1 BS (down to a min of BS 1). In addition, any unit in overwatch counts as having an initiative of 1 if assaulted, except models that were specifically pointed out the previous turn as being "covering". Models designated as covering may not shoot during the overwatch shooting (representing a few guys that are literally covering for the shooters). If an overwatching unit is in cover (ie get I 10), they instead use their regular Initiative scores.

    Recapping on the penalties...

    1) Max shooting range is reduced to 2/3 rounded up.

    Done represent the need to be more watchful, and there for can't be looking as far. Also done so that this in effect makes it harder to use overwatch to just sit there and defend. It can be alot better to move and shoot, because this way you get to shoot not only farther but also get to add your movement range to how far your shots reach. This i think will help overwatch from creating "you move you die" style mexican standoffs.

    2) When shooting using overwatch, all shooting models shoot at -1 BS (-2 if shooting at units that are passing through FOV), down to a minimum of BS 1.

    I understand that this will mean a lot fewer hits, esp in the case of shooting units passing through. This represents the unit not taking careful aim when shooting and acting proactively, but rather shooting in quick response, reactively to the sight of an enemy, and further reducing accuracy when shooting at moving units (models passing through). Also done to "nerf" overwatch in general, thus creating further disincentive to just sit down and wait to shoot at what moves.

    3) All models in an overwatching unit that is assaulted fights at I 1, except models designated as "covering", who fight as normal. If the unit happens to be in cover, the unit fights at their default I.

    This means that if a unit is close and might be able to assault, you better be sure your overwatch fire is going to kill them, or you better have some good men covering your arse. Otherwise, an assault can be rather devastating.

    In addition to declaring a unit an overwatch unit, i also thought it might be cool to designate a unit as an ambush unit, which would be a beefed up overwatch unit. At a more expensive ugrade cost, perhaps 8 pts for leader and 5 pts per model and 25 pts for vehicles, a unit that doesn't suffer from the BS penalties.

    Additionally for a 1st turn handicap i thought perhaps the person who didn't get to go first can deploy not 12 inches bt up to 15 or 18 inches from the edge (depending on the size of the table).

    Kinda stupid that this one rule eneded up so complex though...

    and as a final note, i remind you that i'm a noob... sorry if this is just a stupid idea , and i dono if I should even be makin up rules as i maybe don't have a good enough grasp of the game to start... but in any game i played i always enjoyed making up stuff like this. so an advanced "sorry for being stupid" here. :unsure:

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    not sure if this would fix things, but try playing with nightfighting rules, that way no one has first turn shooting

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