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    Codex Locust Preview

    Based from the enemies found in Gears of War

    It is not fully complete yet but I want post it on here so I can always recover it if a powersurge hits my area again. (lost almost everything on this since I didn't save when the blackout hit)

    Without further ado....take a look at what I've gotten so far.

    hopefully I will add points to everything by new years.

    Locust Army Special Rules:


    Any locust unit that can take a grubhole as a deployment option may deepstrike "anywhere" onto the battlefield.
    If the grubhole lands over an enemy unit, the locust unit is not destroyed. Instead, the opposing player needs to roll a 5+ on one dice to prevent the hole from opening.

    If passed, the locust unit does not arrive as the grubhole is quickly sealed by the enemy squad. It can still emerge on another turn.
    If failed, the enemy squad is locked into close combat with the arriving locust units. (place the arriving locust units on the ordnance template as you want, the enemy models blocking the locust are moved the least possible distance to get off the ordnance template. Any surplus locust models that cannot fit on the ordnance template are destroyed.

    If a a grubhole falls onto a vehicle, that part of the ordnance template the vehicle blocks cannot be used by the locust unit to arrive onto the table.
    Any surplus models that cannot fit in the remaining space are destroyed.
    If a grubhole lands in impassable terrain the locust unit is destroyed.

    Leave an ordnance template afterwards to mark the grubhole. On any following turn, any locust unit taking the grubhole deployment option may emerge from that grubhole without scattering. However if any enemy models are within 1 inch or on the grubhole, no locust unit may emerge. If there are friendly models, the locust unit may emerge but any surplus models that cannot fit on the grubhole are destroyed.

    Locust units that can take grubholes as a deployment option can deepstrike even if the mission does not allow it.

    Relentless: Locusts never fall back from taking casualties from shooting (they may still be pinned however).
    In close combat, locust units never suffer negative morale check modifiers when determining if the locust unit will stay in combat or fall back.

    Locust Weaponry:

    Boltok Pistol: S4, Ap-6, Range 12", Pistol
    Hammerburst: S4, Ap-6, Range 24", Rapidfire
    Troika: S6, Ap-, Range 30", Heavy 4
    Gnasher: S5, Ap-4, Range 12", Assault 1.
    Torquebow: S6, Ap-3, Range 36", Heavy 1
    Boomshot: S7, Ap-4, Range 30", Heavy 1 Blast
    Immulsion Cannon: S10, Ap-2, Range 48" Heavy Blast
    Flamer: S4, Ap-5, Template
    Spike Lancer: S4, Ap-5, Range 18", Assault 2
    Rocket Launcher: S8, Ap-3, Range 36", Heavy 1
    Longshot: SX, Ap-6, Range 36", Sniper
    Hammer of Dawn: S8, Ap-2, Range 36", Heavy 1 Lance

    Locust Armory

    Single-handed weaponry:

    Boltok Pistol
    Close Combat Weapon
    Berserker Claw (theron only)*
    Power Weapon
    Power Claw (theron only)

    Two-handed Weaponry:

    Spike Lancer (theron only)
    Torquebow (theron only)
    Immulsion Broadsword (theron only)*
    Greater Eviscerator


    Serrated Shield
    Reinforced Armor
    Frag Grenades
    Frag Bolas
    Sonic Resonator*(limit one per army)
    Smoke Grenades
    Active Reload
    Nightvision goggles
    Energy Nexus

    Vehicle/Beast Armory:
    Extra Armor
    Kryll feeder
    Ramming spikes
    Smoke Grenades
    Nightvision Sights

    Berserker Claw
    Kryll Barrier
    Immulsion Broadsword

    Limit one relic per army.

    Wargear Section:

    Staff of Despair: Counts as a power weapon but every time an enemy psyker successfully uses a psychic ability, thay automatically take one wound. (they may still take an armor save). It also grants a 4+ invulnerable save.

    Berserker Claw: A power claw made from the fused hand bones of a berserker. Its construct allows the user to attack ferciously on the charge without lost of speed or dexterity.
    Counts as chainfist but on the turn of charge strikes at normal initiative. Max Strength: 8

    Immulsion Broadsword: A modification of a greater eviscerator, the cutting saw blades are replaced with liquid immulsion/metal substance that allows the blade to cut through any armor with ease.
    Adds +1 strength and ignores any kind of save.

    Kryll Barrier: A wall of kryll shields the locust from harm, the symbiote connection between locust and kryllnigh unseperable. The locust recieves protection, the kryll recieves prey.
    Grants a 4+ invulnerable save and in close combat allows the bearers to ignore any special abilities or wargear/weapon special rules directed at him. The only exception are attacks that ignore regular armor saves (powerfists, power weapons, lightning claws, thunder hammers, etc......this does not include rending) and monstrous creature attacks in close combat as the kryll barrier is not strong enough to stop their armor and flesh destroying capabilities.

    Spike Lancer: An automatic rifle with an energized chainsaw bayonet attached to the barrel for close combat. May reroll any failed wound rolls and adds +1 attack. Does not gain benefit for charging as the lancer is too cumbersome and cannot combine its abilitie with any other weapon.

    Torquebow: A torquebow is an mechanized crossbow that fires grenade tipped arrows. The arrow will strike the target before exploding in shrapnel and fire, utterly destroying the target and spraying the remains over his comrades. All leadership checks taken because of casualties caused by shots from a torquebow has a -1 modifier.

    Longshot: Wounds on a 3+ instead of 4+ due to the volatile chemicals residing within the bullet.

    Greater Eviscerator: A giant 2 handed chainsword that can cut through the thickest of armor.
    Grants +2 strength and 2d6 instead of 1d6 for armor penetration.

    serrated shield: A heavy shield mounted on forearm of a locust as to not deny the use of another single-handed weapon.
    grants 5+ invulnerable save

    Reinforced Armor: The armor the locust wears is reinforced with the strongest of metals, offering better protection than standard armor.
    +1 to any normal armor save, to a maximum of +2.

    Frag Bolas: A frag grenade with jutting spikes that lets it be stabbed into an unfortunate enemy and left to explode.
    the model may make one extra attack in a close combat that hits on 4+ and is S6 Ap3. The locust player can choose which enemy model takes the hit from the attack as long as it is within 2 inches of the model equipped with frag bolas. Does not affect vehicles.

    Sonic Resonator: The resonator maps the ground underneath the locust, providing intel and schematics to allow grub holes to appear with pinpoint accuracy.
    Once during the game, one locust unit may deepstrike (using a grub hole) automatically without scattering within 6 inches of the model equipped with the sonic resonator. On any following turn, any locust unit wishing to emerge from the grub hole made with the resonator can add +1 to the deepstrike roll.
    Only one sonic resonator per army.

    Smoke Grenades: Once per game, smoke grenades can be activated, giving the entire brood a 5+ cover save (they do not count as occupying cover). They can only be activated on your shooting phase. You may not shoot with that unit if they used smoke grenades that turn.

    Trophies: The locust unit has defiled the corpses of the dead, taking trophies to instill fear into the hearts of their enemies. May reroll any morale or leadership check the unit has to make.

    Active Reload: The locust knows all the nuances of his gun and learns to be more effective with it, whether making sure to load the clip in completly to avoid jamming or aiming slightly higher to adjust for the recoil.
    May reroll miss during the shooting phase.

    Night Vision Goggles: May reroll the dice to see if they can spot and shoot an enemy in nightfight.

    Runestones: May cast more than one psychic power a turn. They cannot be the same power.

    Energy Nexus: Rolls 3d6 for psychic tests and picks the lowest 2.

    Mark of the Favored: May choose an additional psychic power from the psychic power list.

    Vehicle/Beast armory:

    Extra armor: Ignores shaken results on the vehicle damage table

    Kryll Feeder: the kryll flock to the corpses mounted on the vehicle, defending it from enemy attacks.
    Any enemy that attacks the vehicle in close combat suffers an automatic S4 hit with saves allowed.

    Ramming Spikes: Ignores difficult terrain up to six inches. Adds +1 attack on the charge.
    If a vehicle, a tankshock attempt also causes D6 S3 attacks to the enemy unit.

    nightvision sights: Same as nightvision


    Theron Lord

    General: WS-5, BS-4, S-5, T-5, W-4, I-4, A-3, Ld-10, Sv 3+
    Commander: WS-5, BS-4, S-5, T-5, W-3, I-4, A-3 Ld-9 Sv 3+

    Options: the Theron Lord has access to the armory
    Independent Character:

    Brood Leader: May lead a Theron Guard Brood of 5 or less or a drone/grenadier brood of 10 or less.

    We are Fear Itself: the Theron Lord and any brood he joins, leads, or attached to is fearless

    Aura of Darkness: The Theron Lord unconsciously emits a psychic aura of fear and death, crippling his enemies' will to fight by showing them their greatest nightmare.
    Any enemy squad within 12 inches or close combat with the theron lord takes their morale and leadership checks with a -1 modifier.
    On each turn of combat with the Theron Lord, the enemy squad must take a morale check.
    if failed they fight at -1 I and WS for that turn only. Any enemy units joining in the assault afterwards must take this morale check also. Independent characters are not affected by this.

    The aura is not cumulative if you have more than one theron lord on the field.

    Follow the Leader!: if the Lord has no retinue, he may emerge with any brood coming up from a grubhole. When he arrives on the table, he counts as having joined the brood.

    Transport: May take a drone crawler if his retinue numbers 10 drones or less or 5 theron guards or less. (he counts as two drone spaces or 1 theron guard space)

    Theron Warseer:

    Warseer: WS-5, BS-5, S-3, T-4, W-3, I-5, A-3, Ld-10, Sv 4+/4+ invul

    Weapons: Staff of Despair and boltok pistol

    Options: the Theron Warseer has access to the armory. He may not take any additional weapons however.

    Independent Character

    Locust Psyker: May choose up to two powers from the list below (all require a psychic test)

    Carrion Swarm: (cast during shooting phase) This counts as a shooting attack.
    S4, Ap-5, Range "18", Assault 5
    Ignores cover and does not require line of sight.

    Darkness: (cast during own movement phase) Choose one enemy unit within line of sight to the warseer. They suffer a -1 to their BS in their next shooting phase and must roll to see as if in nightfight

    Living Nightmare: (cast during own movement phase) Choose one unit within line of sight of the warseer. They must take a pinning check at -1 leadership.

    Cripple: (cast during own assault phase) Choose one model engaged in close combat with the warseer. It loses D3 attacks to a minimum of 1.

    Bloodfrenzy: (cast during own assault phase) The Warseer (or any other model in his brood or retinue) adds D3 strength to their attacks for the entire round of combat.

    Enveloping shadows: (cast during own shooting phase) Choose any enemy unit within sight of the Warseer. Their movement range during the movement phase is cut in half on the opposing player's turn.
    Any dangerous terrain tests they must make passes on a 3+ now. (meaning the roll of a 2 causes a casualty)
    this does not affect vehicles.

    Follow the Leader!: if the Warseer has no retinue, he may emerge with any brood coming up from a grubhole. When he arrives on the table, he counts as having joined the brood.

    Tranport: May take a drone crawler if his retinue numbers 10 drones or less or 5 theron guards or less. (he counts as two drone space or 1 theron guard space)


    Drone Brood

    Drone: WS-4, BS-3, S-3,T-4(3), W-1, I-3, A-1, Ld-7, Sv 5+.
    Drone Elite: WS-4, BS-3, S-3, T-4(3), W-1, I-3, A-2, Ld-8, Sv 5+

    Numbers/Brood: 6-18

    Weapons: All drones are armed with hammerbursts.

    Options: Up to 2 drones (this includes the drone elite) may exchange their hammerburst for a troika or rocket launcher.
    All drones may be equipped with frag grenades at +1 point per model.

    Character: One drone may be upgraded to a drone elite. He has access to the armory.

    Transport Options: The drone brood may deepstrike using a grubhole. Any drone brood that numbers 12 or less may take a drone crawler.

    Grenadier Brood

    Grenadier: WS-4, BS-3, S-3, T-4(3) W-1, I-3, A-1, Ld-7, Sv 5+
    Grenadier Elite:WS-4, BS-3, S-4(3), T-4, W-1, I-3, A-2, Ld-8, Sv 5+


    Weapons: Close combat weapon and Boltok Pistol. Frag grenades

    Options: Up to two drones (including the grenadier elite) can exchange their weapons for a flamer or an eviscerator.
    Any drone may exchange their close combat weapon and boltok pistol for a gnasher. They may all take Furious Charge.

    Character: One grenadier can be upgraded to a grenadier elite. He has access to the armory.

    Transport: The grenadier brood may deepstrike onto the field via grubhole. Any grenadier brood that numbers 12 or less may take a drone crawler.


    Drone Crawler
    Crawler: AV-12 front, 12 side, 11 rear,

    Weapons:Hull mounted troika and pintle mounted hammerburst

    Access Points: Rear, Sides

    Living Vehicle: If the crawler is stunned, it may still move straight ahead 6 inches (will still have to take difficult or dangerous terrain checks)

    Options: Troika may be upgrade to rocket launcher. May take any vehicle upgrades from the armory.

    Capacity: 12 drones or 6 therons


    Wretch: WS-4, BS-2, S-3, T-3, W-1, I-4, A-2, Ld-7, Sv6+

    Numbers/Brood: 6-18

    Weapons: Claws and Teeth

    Options: May all be upgraded to dark wretches, gaining an additional +1 cover save Also gains immulsion explosion abilility.

    Immulsion Explosion: when a wretch unit takes casualties in close combat, each casualty will inflict an automatic S4 hit to the enemy squad as the wretch's body explode in immulsion.
    Roll to wound immediately. Saves are still allowed.

    Screech!: Lowers the opponent's initiative by 1 if the wretches charge into close combat.

    Grubhole!: A wretch brood may deepstrike onto the field via grubhole.


    Theron Guard Brood

    Theron Guard: WS-4, BS-4, S-4, T-4, W-2, I-4, A-2, Ld-8, Sv 4+
    Theron Guard Sentinel: WS-4, BS-4, S-4, T-4, W-2, I-4, A-3, Ld-9, Sv 4+

    Number/Brood: 3-9 theron guards

    Weapons: Spike Lancers. Frag Grenades

    Options: Any theron guard may exchange their lancer for a torquebow. All theron guards may be equipped with meltabombs at +3 points per model, smoke grenades, nightvision

    Character: One Theron Guard may be upgraded to a Theron Guard Sentinel. He has access to the armory.

    Tansport: May deepstrike via grubhole. May take a drone crawler if the brood numbers 6 or less.

    Boomer Brood:

    Boomer: WS4, BS-3, S5, T5, W-2, I-2, A-3, Ld-9, Sv 3+

    Number/Brood: 1-4 boomers.

    Weapons: Modified boomshot, Meltabombs

    Modified Boomshot: The boomshot is Heavy 2 in the hands of a boomer.

    Options: Any boomer may switch their boomshot with a twin-linked rocket launcher.
    All boomers may take nightvision, trophies, Frag and Smoke Grenades, from the armory.

    Strong but Dimwitted: Boomers count as a stable firing platform and never have to check for target priority.

    Grubhole!: May take a grubhole as a transport option.


    Berserker: WS-4, BS-0, S-7, T-5, W-3, I-5, A-3, Ld-10, Sv 2+
    Handler: WS-4, BS-3, S-3, T-4, W-1, I-3, A-1, Ld-8, Sv 5+

    Numbers/Brood: 1 Berserker and two handlers

    Weapons: The Berserker is armed with only her brute strength.
    The Handlers are equipped with a berserker prod (counts as a close combat weapon) and a boltok pistol.

    Special Rules for Berserker:
    Gargantuan Size: the Berserker counts as a monstrous creature but does not roll an additional D6 for armor penetration. She does not suffer from instant death.

    Ferocious: Whenever the Berserker assaults she ignores any terrain in her path and ignores cover in determining who strikes first.
    The handlers benefit from ignoring terrain on the assault also because the Berserker clears a path for them.

    In addition, she and her handlers may add D3 to their charge range.

    Blind: As long as one handler is alive, the Berserker can move like infantry during the movement phase. If they are all removed as casualties the Berserker suffers from being blind.
    As long as the Berserker is not in an assault, she must roll a D6 each turn to see what she can do during the movement phase.

    1. The Berserker is confused and does nothing during the movement phase.
    2-5. Roll a scatter dice and move D6 inches in that direction
    6. The Berserker is able to locate the enemy with her heightened senses. She may move normally.

    Note that she may still assault normally no matter what outcome on the dice.

    Fearless: Both the Berserker and the Handlers are fearless
    Uncontrollable: the Berserker Brood cannot claim any objectives, capture any table quarters, or count as scoring units at the end of a game.

    Fast Attack:

    Kryll Swarm

    Kryll Swarm: WS-4, BS-0, S-3, T-3, W-3, I-5, A-3, Ld-10, Sv 6+

    Numbers/Brood:3-15 swarms

    Weapons: Jaws

    Jump infantry
    Fleet of Wing
    Mindless: Fearless
    Living Artillery: Can never count as a scoring unit or capture objectives, table quarters, etc.

    Living interceptors: when a kryll swarm assaults a skimmer, they latch on and hinder its progress before the skimmer is forced to crash.
    When a kryll swarm assaults a skimmer, each swarm makes one attack that automatically hits and glances on a 5+.
    If the skimmer survives, the next turn it cannot move more than 6 inches in its next movement phase.

    Black Tide: Any unit behind the kryll swarm taking fire can have the kryll act as a screen, taking the shots meant for them instead.
    For each shot that hits the locust unit, roll a D6. On a 5+, the shot is allocated to the kryll instead. Kryll swarms may not take fire for monstrous creatures as the creature is too big to screen completly.

    Mindless: Kryll cannot count as scoring units at the end of the game, nor can they capture objectives or claim any table quarters.

    Voracious: Because the Kryll are such voracious hunters, they may consolidate up to 6 inches instead of D6 when they win an assault and massacre the opponent.

    Reaver Brood

    Reaver: WS-4, BS-3, S-4, T-5(4), W-2, I-2, A-2, Ld-8, Sv 5+.

    Number/Brood:3-6, each with a two-drone crew. (one driver and one gunner)

    Weapons: Twin-linked Troika and a twinlinked hammerburst

    Options: 1 out of 3 reavers may exchange its twin-linked troika for a twin-linked torquebow or a twinlinked Boomshot. All reavers may take reinforced armor to recieve a 4+ save.
    All reavers may take trophies, nightvision goggles, frag grenades

    Sixth Sense: All reavers have a 5+ invulnerable save, sensing incoming fire and already moving to dodge it before the enemy fire reaches it.

    Reaver Mount: The unit counts as a jetbike but may not turboboost.

    Scout drones

    Drone:WS-4, BS-3, S-3, T-4, W-1, I-3, A-1, Ld-7, Sv 5+


    Weapons: Longshot, night vision goggles


    Options: One drone may exchange his longshot for a Hammer of Dawn.

    Heavy Support:

    Corpser Brood (limit one per army)

    Corpser: WS-4, BS-3, S8, T6, W-3, I-3, A-4, Ld-10, Sv 4+/6+ invul

    Number/Brood: 1 Corpser

    Weapons: Digging claws

    Monstrous Creature

    Tunneler: The corpser may deepstrike onto the field using a grubhole but when it comes up, every unit on the ordnance/deepstrike template takes a S6 hit with armor saves allowed.
    Vehicles underneath the template is automatically shaken and stunned (no wargear will prevent this)
    Any enemy models on the template are pushed off towards thier deployment zone as the corpser bursts from the ground and locked in assault with the corpser.
    The corpser may choose to direct its attacks at any vehicle within range instead.
    This means he is not locked in combat with any models for choosing to attack the vehicle with its claws.

    The grubhole made by the corpser cannot be sealed off to prevent the corpser from reaching the battlefield.

    Vicegrip: Anytime a corpser attacks a vehicle, it will never need more than 4+ to hit it.
    Any vehicle assaulted by the corpser counts as being immobolized as long as the corpser directs its attacks at it during the previous assault phase.

    Brumak Brood

    Brumak: WS-4, BS-3, S-6, T-7, W-4, I-2, A-2, Ld-10, Sv +3

    Number/Brood: 1 Brumak

    Monstrous Creature

    Weapons: Immulsion Cannon

    Options: May add two troikas or two rocket launchers to its firepower.
    May take serrated armor. May take nightvision. May take kryll feeders. May take ramming spikes
    May add enhanced sense, giving +1 BS.

    Seeder Brood:

    Seeder: WS-2, BS-2, S-4, T-5, W-2, I-2, Ld-10, Sv 4+.

    Number/Brood: 1

    Weapon: Claws, Nemacyst Cannon

    Nemacyst Cannon: The bio-cannon fires a barrage of fleshy mines that seek enemy targets.
    It is a S5, Ap-5, Range 48", indirect fire Ordnance Large Blast Template and automatically glances skimmers on a 4+.
    May take kryll feeders. May take ramming spikes

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    20 (x1)

    hmm I think it works well, only thing is that you should make Kryll Swarms vulnerable to blasts so they are like ripper swarms
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    9 (x1)

    sounds interesting.
    sorry if this is a dumb question but are they kind of like tyranids?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Comm_Nagrom View Post
    hmm I think it works well, only thing is that you should make Kryll Swarms vulnerable to blasts so they are like ripper swarms
    hmm I thought swarms implied vulnerable to blast......guess not. Will fix
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    13 (x1)

    very good i wonder what cogs be like rep for u
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    281 (x6)

    Quote Originally Posted by major moss View Post
    very good i wonder what cogs be like rep for u
    Hmm, I dub this thread- Necro'd.

    But yes, itry to avoid necr posting (Posting in a thread thts very old, in this case earing 2 years!) unless you can add something important and relevant to it that people here would be able to use.
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    30 (x2)

    Add kryll Shield! Like the General at the end of the game in teh first Gears of War.

    WOW. I just realized this was a 2 year old thread. Its soon its birthday.
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