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    The Dark Elf Velykxak and the Shadow Riders

    The Dark Elf Velykxak and the assassins of the Shadow Riders guild

    Much of Velykxak’s history is lost to the outside world because all who know of it have mysteriously died. But there are some bits and pieces known to the common Dark Elf. When Velykxak was a young boy, he was taken on a slave raid. As they were there they came upon a small village in the midst of the mountains. As the Dark Elves crept towards their target, a group of wood elves discovered them. Although the wood elves were greatly outnumbered they fought valiantly. Velykxak was amazed with their sheer determination and skill.
    A few years later he set off from his homeland in search of a path to follow. One day in his travels, he came upon a Wood Elf trying to fight off a greenskin charge. Velykxak drew his scimitar and repeater crossbow and charged in. After a fierce battle, the Wood Elf and Velykxak pushed the horde back. This Wood Elf pledged his life and the life of his companions to Velykxak for what he had done. As this small warband traveled the land, there numbers grew. Soon, they were known around the world as mercenaries for hire.


    Captain: Velykxak

    Motto: “For what was, for what is, and for what will be!”

    Battle Cry: None is known, because none have lived to tell of the battles.

    For Hire: Any army may recruit Velykxak and the Shadow Riders except, Dark Elves, Orks, Vampire Counts, and Chaos.
    So much is his hatred for evil and his races beliefs, he refuses to let his warband fight for the armies of evil.

    Points: Velykxak costs 150 points and you may hire 3 Assassins for 25 points each.

    M WS BS S T W I A Ld
    Velykxak- > 6 7 4 3 3 6 3 10
    Shadow Rider- > 5 6 4 3 1 5 2 7

    > See at Shadow Hoppers

    Unit Size: Velykxak + 10 Shadow Riders. You may take Velykxak and four Shadow Riders at a cost of 250 pts, with extra Shadow Riders at 25 pts a model.
    Equipment: All models in the unit carry hand weapons
    All models in the unit may take a bow for an extra 4 pts per/model
    Velykxak may take one of each of the magic armors or weapons found in the Magic Items section.

    Special Rules:

    Speed of the Shadows:
    With nimble feet they move, ready to strike always.
    Because of their cunning and speed, the assassins roll a D6 whenever they approach rough terrain. On a roll of 4-6 they move across with no penalty, on a roll of 1-3, they move with the normal penalties

    Commanding Presence:
    They fear that their great leader will be left behind, so thus, they move slower to help him catch up.
    The assassins flee half the distance of a normal unit when they fail a leadership teat.

    The Dedication of Lives:
    Because the assassins are so loyal to Velykxak, if Velykxak dies in combat, the assassins go on an all out rampage.
    The assassins will automatically charge if they can, ignoring leadership tests.

    Shadow Hoppers:
    The assassins of the Shadow Riders guild have perfected a technique know to others as Shadow Jumping. They move from shadow to shadow in such a swift manner, it is as if they are riding a horse.
    The assassins of the Shadow Riders guild move 8 inches, as if they were riding a mount.

    Magic and Spells:
    Velykxak discovered in his prayers, and throughout his journeys, a new god. This god, Tenebrion, showed him the lore of shadows, which allowed him to bend the shadows to his will. He was taught many spells through his devotion and prayer, and learned to do many things.

    (The spells of Velykxak are rolled with one D6 except for “Warriors of Shadow, which is rolled with two.)

    Shadow Mist:
    The shadows consume the target, almost paralyzing him with blindness.
    Roll: 5-6: The small template is placed over a target unit. Whoever is hit by this spell halts, and may not do anything the next turn. If the template is placed over a regiment, and more than half of the regiment is hit, the whole regiment suffers the penalty.

    As the shadows crept in, screams rang off the walls. The men, terrified, fled.
    Roll: 6 : The target automatically fails a unit test and turns about, taking double their regular movement in retreat. If this movement takes them off the board, place them on the board edge. After the first movement, the unit continues to move (regular length) towards the closest board edge. To overcome this fear, the opponent must roll a 5 or 6 with one die.

    Warriors of Shadow:
    Roll:12: Velykxak summons two Warriors of Shadow (represented as casualty units) with the following stats:

    M WS BS S T W I A Ld
    Warrior of Shadow- 5 4 4 5 3 3 6 5 6

    The Warriors of Shadow are considered to have bows. The range of these bows is 48”. These Warriors disperse if the opponent rolls a perfect 12 with two dice.

    Magic Items:

    This scimitar has been known to have a mind of it’s own. It speaks to the owner, telling him the weakness of his opponents.

    This weapon ignores armor saves and the wielder can re-roll missed wounds..

    The Cloak of Shadows:
    This cloak enables the wielder to become camouflaged to the terrain.

    The wearer may not be shot at by missile fire from 10 inches or further away.

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    I am everywhere and nowhere, sometimes at the same time.
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    Sorry for the double post....

    Velykxak’s Introduction: The First Attack

    The silent hand code was sent through the chilled night air. Another code was flashed back, and Velykxak glanced out to see their prey. As small band of the pathetic orcs had been wandering through the wood, tearing down trees and collecting lumber for their upcoming “Emprieres!” as they called it. This so-called, “empire” was soon to fall. For the orcs had angered Velykxak; for the last time.
    The particular group of orcs Velykxak was watching didn’t seem to notice him as they sat around the fire. They had recently killed a group of deer and were sitting, waiting for it to be cooked to their liking. One ork, Grumin by name, got up to take his turn for “’enty” duty. As he patrolled the camp, he heard a small rustle in the brush near him. He looked through to see a wood elf, lying asleep. Happy with his find, he drew out his axe and charged forth to slaughter his unsuspecting prey. A sword flashed out, and Grumin no longer had a head. His body collapsed and the Wood Elf sword slowly retracted. The trap had worked. They orcs continued to cook their meal, unnoticing of their missing partner. When it came time for the next ork to take “’entry” duty he stood up and called out Grumin’s name. When no response came, he happily sat back down, thinking his friend asleep. It was not until an arrow was deep into his chest that he realized he was completely wrong.
    Three more hand signals traveled down the lines of the Shadow Riders, and their bowstrings hummed with motion. Arrow after arrow released from the brush and took down ork after ork. Velykxak jumped from the brush and onto the closest ork. As Ayiceno pierced armor and flesh, the ork’s surprised expression still hung on its face. Velykxak withdrew the sword from the pathetic beast and turned to his next opponent, who dropped his sword and ran. Velykxak signaled to his second in command to keep up to attack and set off on the chase.
    Arugra turned trough the trees and ran for his life. The stupid “elvy” was chasing him. He had to make it back to camp and warn the others. A mist gathered around him and he stopped wondering where to go. He was lost in the mist, paralyzed with fear. He knew the elf would be here any second, and could only pray for a quick death. A dart flew out from the mist, striking him in the leg. He fell to the ground, crawling to try and get away. Another, then three more darts hit him. He collapsed, and the world, went blank.
    Arugra awoke with his hands and feet bound. He struggled to get into a sitting position and look around. The stupid “elvys” surrounded him on all sides. One of the “’ark ones” approached him from the left.
    “Are you ready to cooperate?” asked the dark elf. Arugra spit in his face. The dark elf said again,” If you do not cooperate, we will kill you.” Arugra spit in his face again. The dark elf whipped out his sword and sliced the little maggot’s head off. “Well, I guess you weren’t ready.”

    Velykxak’s Introduction: Main Camp

    Velykxak Walked through the city openly, not fearing anyone, for all knew of what power he held, and what would happen if they angered him. He stopped by a particular tavern that night, and found the envoy waiting, right where he had requested. He walked up to the bar and ordered a drink, picked it up and walked over to the human sitting at a table near the back. Velykxak placed the drink in front of the human and told him he could have it. The human leaned forward and picked up the drink, then brought it to his dry lips.
    “So you understand our deal, you and your men distract the orcs while we charge from the side, taking them out silently. I have the money with me, 700 gold pieces, like you said,” whispered Velykxak.
    “There has been a change in plans,” said the human, “We want 2000 gold pieces, or no deal.”
    “Our agreement was 700, that will not change.”
    “Yes it will, or our services are no longer yours.”
    “Then I guess they aren’t,” said Velykxak as he stood up to leave.
    “No, no, no, you don’t understand, you will pay us 1000 gold pieces.”
    “I am sorry sir, but that is not within my range for your; services.”
    “Well then, I guess we have no need for you anymore,” said the man.
    “Are you threatening me?” asked Velykxak. The man lifted his finger slightly and motioned to two tables over, all around them his men sat.
    Velykxak looked around the tavern, “Take it outside, not with these people here.” Velykxak got up and moved for the door, the others followed a few men at a time.
    “You made a big mistake Velykxak; not taking my offer I mean” said the man with his raspy voice. But Velykxak was not paying attention. He flashed his silent had code into the darkness, then started the familiar motions of his escape art.
    “Hey, hey, what are you doing,” asked the man, but it was to late, Velykxak whispered, “Ilezafi Iyinidil.” It seemed that the shadows of all around him gathered into one spot beneath him. He jumped up, and hovered above the ground, standing on the shadows. He streamed forward and his famed scimitar came forth, Ayiceno by name. As one, bowstrings hummed in the darkness and a mist of arrows flew at the human mercenaries. Velykxak jumped into the air, and the tip of Ayiceno caught the moonlight. He came down, his foot solidly colliding with the human leaders face. He spun, and turned to face his other opponents. The shadows came back to them, beasts to their master. He hopped up again, and flew forward into the ranks of the mercenaries. The mercenaries, either killed by the constant flow of arrows, or stunned that this dark elf could “fly”, were cut down easily. Velykxak flew back to their commander and stood overtop of him.
    “Let this be a lesson, about what happens when you deal the Shadow Riders, and the deal goes bad.” Ayiceno came forth and sliced into the humans face, leaving a cut from his forehead to his chin. “You will always remember the night you double-crossed with Velykxak.” With a flash of hand code, Velykxak was gone, along with the Shadow Riders. The human arouse, and looked around stunned at his once large clan of mercenaries. They were gone, and he, was alone.
    Back at camp, Velykxak sat by the fire with his second in command, Linandir, his “ best friend” if he had one.
    “So it is settled,” whispered Velykxak. “We go tomorrow into the orcs camp, help or not.”
    “Yes, the men are ready and have been told of the changes,” responded Linandir.
    “Good, we attack at dawn. Make sure to get some rest.”
    “I am taking the first guard, then after-“
    “No, you go to sleep, I will take the first guard. The darkness and I have some matters to discuss.” It was very common of Velykxak to “speak” with the night when he was faced with a difficult situation. The night seemed to be his mentor, his friend. Velykxak rose to his feet and strode off into his mentor’s “arms”, welcomed by the darkness that he was.

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