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    Alpha Legion House Rules

    So I'm building an alpha legion army, and was thinking about their fluff on why they infiltrate, and why they get it so cheap etc. Especially the cultists, which are supposed to be local folk that "infiltrate" the local populas and corrupt from the inside

    Anyone notice how Imperial terminators can deepstrike no matter what the mission, as opposed how chaos can't. So doesn't it make sence that Alpha Legion should be able to infiltrate no matter what the mission says? Or at the very very least, the cultists should always be able to infiltrate. I mean that is what they do, get into the cities acting like everyone else, and corrupt people to the ways of chaos, so when the marines show up, there is less of a fight.

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    I am always a bit wary of house rules but haveing infiltration 'always on' for the cultist does make sense, not the Marines though, its kinda hard to hide a 9 foot tall hunk of power armor.
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