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Thread: Old Rule Q

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    Old Rule Q

    What was the armor of a Dread all the way back in 2nd edition? My friend got a army list for the Legion of the Damned, and wanted to know the armor for a Dread back then.

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    Well a current edition Legion dread has the current rules for armor values, etc, they just add in the rules from the Chapter Approved 2004. As for what they were I honestly have no idea where your going to come up with that info as they were issued initially in a really old WD. Best of luck finding it. I will do some web searches for you and see what i find

    Update 1:
    Well from what i found back in 2nd edition the squads were usable as allies in edition they appeared to only have stats for regular marines, and didn't appear to have access to dreadnaughts. Now i don't know if this is accurate 100% as i never used them back then. It does appear though that they were allowed to be take as regular marines with some variations on their rules. The 2004 Chapter approved allowed an update and access to unit normally not used by the legion.

    Legion of the Damned

    That link should help you, i don't believe that the LoTD list was available to have dreads in 2nd edition, i think these rules may be from 3rd edition though based on some of the things referenced.
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