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    Sleath (Chaos Marine character/Daemonic thingie)

    Okay, in the pit of champions my character (Sleath) was killed by the head collector, however I wish to use him still in my army as a special character. Could you give me the opinions on these rules? (Yes, they are for friendly games only)

    Oh, and a little background first, basically since he was killed and has lost his body, his soul has been pulled into the warp. Usually a soul would just dissappate in the warp however due to his daemonic status (He was a daemon prince with stature among othe things) granted to him by his patron god (Nurgle) his soul is able to survive there with the daemons. However he is not able to fully leave the warp, only by possessing a willing host (just like a greater daemon) is he able to come out to battle. I have discussed this with the flouff masters clan and they seem to agree it is a viable backstory.

    Also thanks to the fluff masters clan, Caluin, Rabbit and everyone else in the chaos forums for all the help I have been given on this and other things 40k related.

    Sleath (325 points for Sleath AND his host.):



    Due to his body being lost, and his soul being inside the warp, Sleath must possess another model to enter the battlefield. See the greater daemon special rules in the chaos codex for more details.

    Sword of pestilence:
    Sleath’s plague sword has been blessed by nurgle, and as such counts as a plague sword, however the instant kill ability works on a 3+ rather than a 4+.

    Sleath has the psychic ability ‘Gift of chaos’.

    Supreme hatred:
    As his body was lost to a slaanesh champion, ‘The head collector’, Sleath MUST make a Leadership test (Regardless of the fact he is fearless) if there are any enemy models with the mark of slaanesh on the board. If he fails this test he MUST move 6+D6 inches towards them and charge if possible. If he is already in close combat and fails this test he must direct any attacks towards any slaanesh models that may be in close combat with him.

    In addition to this any army that contains Sleath may NOT include any model with the mark of slaanesh, daemons of slaanesh or vehicles dedicated to slaanesh. This ability extend to any chaos spawn following him. This does not include allied armies.

    Apart from the specialist test above, Sleath is fearless.

    Sleath has the daemonic visage (Scary face) special ability.

    Independent character:
    Sleath counts as an independent character, however cannot join any units.

    Monstrous creature:
    Despite being small compared to greater daemon, Sleath counts as a monstrous creature.

    Sleath counts as having the mark of nurgle (Toughness increase is already included in his stat line) for the case of ancient enemies and nurgles rot special rules.


    I have also come up with a new idea for it! I was thinking on the subject of summoning and came up with this:

    Sleaths Host.
    Due to Sleath not being as powerful (daemonic wise, not definately physical strength) as the other summoned greater daemons of the warp, his host must be specially prepared before the battles (Moreso than a daemon host). Because of this the strongest willing host is given Sleaths sword (Recovered in unknown ways by his company of marines) and specially bounded relics to allow Sleath to enter their body.

    Please note that despite the greater daemon rules of the champion fighting with the daemons strength, this is NOT the case with sleath and his host.

    Sleaths host has the statline of a chaos liueutenant with a plague sword, close combat weapon and frag grenades given to him for free (Costs no points and does not take up daemonic/wargear limit). He MUST purchase daemonic chains from the armoury. He may also choose up to 30 more points of daemonic gifts, and one veteran skill (Both for free), however no wargear may be purchased.

    He may NOT replace his weapons, and may never choose to resist the possession (Due to Sleaths will to get away from the terrors of the warp.) However, due to the daemonic chains bound to him he MAY choose to reroll the possession dice even if he would have been possessed.

    Both Sleath and his host take up a single HQ choice.

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