Have some loose ideas for a campaign structure based around a prestige system, was wondering if anyone had any useful comments or suggestions:

The world Of Sybreena XXIII is a now abondoned imperial colony that destroyed itself in an Epic campaign against Waaaagh Nahzcrap The imperial, eldar and Ork forces al but annhiliated each other and the imperium was forced to abandon the colony until such time as it proved economical to repatriat it back into the Imperial fold. The orks themselves were similarly dispersed and reverted back to their feral ways.

However Naahzcrap himself survived the struggle, after a sort, and with the help of his BigMek 'Spannerz' is nearly at full cogniscience.

Similarly tentative Imperial feelers are diverting from other local crusades to judge the worth of recolonizing SYbreena XXIII.

The scene is set.

I wanted to fight a series of combat patrols that excalated into fully fledged battles and then became titanic struggles intime to coincide with the release of whatever the new mega-battle expansion is called.

So I figured the Imperials need to gather evidence of mining resources in order to raise the priority of Sybreena XXIII and get more men allocated to it, whereas the Warboss NAhzcrap is trying to gather trophies and Kudos in order to attract the feral orks to him. So the orks get more orks by killing and the imperium get more men by effective surveying, either of ork camps or abandoned mines.

I have a few ideas, of how to do this, but if anyones got any suggestions they'd be appreciated.