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    Herohammer (40k)

    Greetings fellow gamers,
    Our gaming group is adding a bit of flavor to our 40k games, and would like your input/feedback.

    Nominate a single character. This character must be an Independent Character, a monstrous creature that takes up an HQ slot, or a single model vehicle that takes up an HQ slot.

    This character will be your "Force Commader" (Or hive node, lord Solar, Warboss, etc). Like any other special character, you may not change his wargear options once he has been designated your "Force Commander".

    Your "Force Commander" has one battle honor (as appropriate to their 'type')

    However, this battle honor may be used on any unit in your army (once per game), as long as your "Force Commander" is in play.

    This will allow a unit under their command to utilize a re-roll as appropriate to the commander's skill/luck/tactical genius/brutal efficiency/etc. As it will apply only once per game, it should not be a major balance breaker.

    Additionally, if your commander survives the battle, he will gain one additional battle honor. If he is removed from play (killed) he loses a battle honor.

    Multiple Honors are possible, allowing for more than one re-roll of a certain type of event, but you can not re-roll a re-roll.

    If a hero earns multiple battle honors, he may play as many per game as your opponent has. For example. Space Marine Commander Zarphael has 3 battle honors, but Farseer Ulthiam has 7. The farseer may only use 3 of his battle honors during that game. (but they may be any three that he has earned)

    What do you think? Any questions? Any obvious balance issues that have escaped me?

    The Forsaken

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    Seems like a nice way to give your leader exp points like units in a campaign

    As you can only use a limited amount of them and they only reroll one dice each it is far from game breaking but might lead to an exciting arc, like where a captain on his last wounds gets killed, only to reroll and pass his save and so the battle is not lost and his troops fight on..
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