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    Warhammer Fantasy Dogs of War Spartans

    Heya guys! though this is my first time in the rules section, I thought I'd give an Idea I had for a while a whirl and see what you guy's thought of it.

    Now, I'm sure there was a bevy of fan rules for spartans several weeks ago, with the then "new" release of 300. "ZOMG UNSTOPPABLE SPARTAN UNIT! BAJILLION POINTS UNIT DINING IN HELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11111ELEVENONE1!

    However, I try, no matter how awesome the source material is, to try and make a fan unit for a fair and balanced game. thus, I present to you, as my first Dogs of War Unit, Captain Leodonis' Tartapan Hoplites!

    New dogs of war choice:

    RARE 0-1
    Leodonis’ Tartapan hoplites

    M WS BS S T W I A LD
    4 5 3 4 4 1 5 1 9

    Points per Tartapan hoplite- 23 points
    Unit size- 5+

    Equipment- hand weapon, spear, light armor, shield

    Options- one hoplite may be promoted to a musician for 5 points. One hoplite must be upgraded to Captian Leodonis for +10 points. The captain receives +1 attack.


    Tonight we dine in hell!- much like dwarf slayers, there is nothing more glorious for a Tartapan than a violent death in battle. Tartapans are immune to psychology.

    Tartapan resistance- Tartapans are bred for battle, having been inspected at birth for any weakness and trained in the harshest conditions imaginable east of Tilea. They are literal killing machines on the battlefield by age 20. As such, This unit receive a 6+ “feel no pain” ward save.

    Tartapan thrust- the power from a spear with a Tartapan behind it is immense, the equivalent of an shotgun blast. In close combat, this unit's attacks have the “Armor penetration” rule, which combined with their strength, equals a -2 to the enemy’s armor save in close combat.

    Tartapan Determination- Tartapans crave glory in the furious frenzy of close combat, and will not be halted by the enemy’s tools of cowardice. this unit receive a 4+ armor save against ranged missile attacks
    I'm thinking of increasing the Movement of them to compensate for their average armor, along with a points increase for It. Comments and Criticism are always wanted. It shouldn't be too hard to find 28mm Historical models for them. Give them a shot, and have fun^_^

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    Give them a formation bonus, similar to the "Lance" formation for Bretonnian Knights. They did, after all, fight as one inseparable unit. Instead of "Determination" for their rule against ranged attacks, try "everyone put your shields together above us." :shifty:

    Neat idea, just make sure not to make them too powerful.

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    I don't think they're too powerful... Yet...

    When I was making rules for roman legionaries for warhammer I gave them a "Testudo" special rule, representing their turtle formation.

    It was basically that at the very beginning of their turn, before charging etc... the player must declare if he is entering or leaving the Testudo Formation, when in the formation, their movement is greatly slowed (to 3 or so inches a turn) and they always strike last in combat (if they get charged by something...) but their save against shooting is increased dramatically to a 3+ Realistically it'd be a 2+ and so would the spartan one but there is nothing realistic about warhammer, the testudo formation would be more effective than the spartan one in that the romans can still move when in the formation whereas the spartans had to crouch and curl up to maximize the amount of their bodies protected by the shields. I think you did a very good job on this...

    You could say their movement is 5 because of their very athletic figures combined with their not wearing any armour (which I'm sure they realistically would have, breastplate and greaves was standard kit as far as I am aware).

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