Some rules for re-fighting the legendary battle between Perturabo, Traitor Primarch of the Iron Warriors Legion, and the avenging Rogal Dorn and his Imperial Fists.

After the Horus Heresy, Dorn and the Imperial Fists resisted attempts to break up the Legion into Chapters as advocated by Guilliman. He could not understand why the Fists could not be trusted just because of what had happened to the Traitor Primarchs.
Dorn held himself personally responsible for the Emperor's 'death' and the slaying of Sanguinius as he was not there to aid them. He garbed himself in black robes, resprayed his armour the black of mourning, and entered the pain glove.
After a weeks meditation, he re-emerged, ordering the Legion to make immediate haste for a planet recently occupied by the Iron Warriors. Perturabo had fortified it and dared the greatest Siege Master of the period to attack it.
Dorn knew that not all of his brothers wished to go off and found new Chapters as the Ultramarines were so willing to do. This battle would serve to cut the number of Fists down, until there were enough left to form Chapters.

Infiltrators, Preliminary Bombardment, Minefields, Limited Ammunition, Obstacles, Tank Traps, Fortifications, Primarchs.

1) The Imperial Fists can deploy along any board edge, facing the Iron Warrior fortifications, whilst the Iron Warriors must deploy in trenches or bunkers, or behind walls/barricades.

2) The Iron Warriors may place up to three minefields before deployment. The board must also have trenches, bunkers and razorwire for scenery. Heavy support units are deployed first, followed by Fast Attack, Troops, Elites and finally HQ.

3) The Imperial Fists deploy first, and may not make use of the Infiltrators special rule. This is to represent the fact that Dorn cast away his usual meticulous observation and planning and hurled himself at Perturabo's defences.

4) Roll a d6 to see who gets the first turn.

Dorn is determined to cause enough damage to force the Iron Warriors from the planet. A secondary mission is that if he kills Perturabo, he will recieve 1000 victory points instead of the normal amount.
Perturabo's mission is simply to see Dorn lying dead before his mighty fortress. Should Dorn die, the entire Imperial Fists army must pass a Leadership test. Any units which fail the test will make an immediate fall back move. Any units which pass the test must make an immediate 2d6 move towards the nearest enemy unit.

The Imperial Fists have an entire Legion arriving in orbit. As such, after a unit of IF is destroyed, re-deploy it from the starting table edge as per the meat grinder or sustained assault rules.

The game lasts for eight turns.

After turn three, the Imperial Fists Marines run out of ammo, and begin fighting using hands and combat knives. After turn 3, all IF units gain an extra attack as though armed with two close combat weapons.

Troops which are forced to fall back must retreat towards the nearest board edge of their deployment zone using the normal Fall Back rules.