Not fully done, but looking for some C&C.

The U.A.O.A.T. (Underground Assault Oriented Attack Transport)-
The U.A.O.A.T. is a newly developed transport digger that is still considered in a testing stage. The Night Stalkers agreed to test it in its combat efficiency and development. As there is only one in the galaxy, it is considered one of the highest of The Night Stalkers responsibilities to protect it. The U.A.O.A.T. digs underground and comes up underneath the enemy allowing a surprise guerrilla-warfare tactics.

Pts. Front Side Rear WS BS S I A
100 12 12 12 n/a 4 n/a n/a n/a

Type: Vehicle in Testing, Mobile, Closed Top Crew: Two Space Marines
Weapons: The U.A.O.A.T. is equipped with a twin-linked heavy bolter.
Transport: The U.A.O.A.T. can carry up to 10 Space Marines, 5 Terminators or 1 Dreadnought. Passengers my disembark and re-embark.
Fire Points: None
Access Points: The U.A.O.A.T. has a ramp on each side as well as one on the rear.
Vehicle Upgrades: The U.A.O.A.T. may have any of the following upgrades at the cost listed in the Space Marine Armory: dozer blades (retractable), extra armor, hunter-killer missile, pintle mounted storm bolter, Power of the Machine Spirit, searchlight, smoke launchers.

Special Rules:
Mobile: The U.A.O.A.T. works much like a Drop Pod, except it is able to move after digging up from the earth. It may not fire and passengers may not disembark on the first turn it digs up.

Smoke Launchers- pts.
Power of the Machine Spirit- pts.
Extra Armor- pts.

138 pts.


P.S.-I esspecially need help with the number of points, not sure what to make it.